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Anyone else suffering with really bad health anxiety? I absolutely hate it. I feel like it has taken over my life. I don't exercise anymore as I'm scared I'll get a heart attack even tho I'm 19 and that's really unlikely. Every small pain will throw me into panic and questions like "am I dying?" "Am I having a heart attack?". I have iron deficiency too which means sometimes I feel really weak and I can get dizzy and I used to be like "oh it's cool it's just the iron I need to eat something with iron in and ill be fine" now it's more like "it's my heart isn't" the worst is when I get an anxiety attack and my chest gets tight and I'm short of breath all I can think of is "heart attack" now I'm just thinking how long am I gonna be like this I just want to enjoy my life again like I did before, with no worries. I'm scared to do anything, go to a theme park (I used to love rollercoaster so much, now I'm too scared to go on one) , sleep round my friends house, Go to work, go to town, exercise and even tho I hardly ever drank before as alcohol wasn't my thing anyway I'm scared to even have a little bit of alcohol. I was really looking foward to the day I move out and live by myself and be independent but now I don't see that happening. Don't know how I'll go to uni either if it means being away from home


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  • I suffer from extreme health anxiety. You are not alone.

  • Hi alan1010 here iv been there got the tee shirt every acne and pain I think I'm dying u just think the worst but u get by its important 2 stay positive and don't Google any symptoms u will always find the worst scenirio. Try 2 get back 2 some exercise it's good 4 ur body and mind. Stay positive ur young so get out there and enjoy life. I'll pray 4 u

  • Hi, I no the feeling all to well 😢 Every ache and pain plays on my mind and I always think the worst, mines focused a lot around my chest but think different things depending on my symptoms. Have you tried any therapy? Excersize will probably do you good, clear your mind, even if it's just a walk round the block or dancing around the house. I also get scared doing things, try to push yourself to do things, start at the bottom (what you think will be the easiest to do) and work your way up. Here if you need to talk x

  • Hi bun I'm the same I've got severe health anxiety and its awful!!!

    U are not alone in this there's quite a few of people who are suffering too because your constantly worrying about it and it plays mind games with us not very nice at all I've had it for 17 years now we r all here for you xx

  • You are not alone. I suffer from extreme health anxiety. I have every type of doctor one can have and have had every type of test done.

    The hardest part for me is that I have kids and can't freak out too much. My son (15) has had Type 1 Diabetes for 10yrs now. Glucose check every 4hrs and 5 insulin shots a day. My daughter (10) has 42 food allergies. So not only do I have health anxiety for myself...I have it for them too.

    I have good days and bad days. It's hard.

    You are so young! You need to enjoy you life...get out there and have fun! One step at a time....

  • It really isn't a nice thing to have. Anxiety can cause us to have the most peculiar symptoms. You are not alone. see if you can have cog

    nitive behaviour therapy to help.

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