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Good Morning

Morning everyone hope you are all feeling strong today.I have woke up feeling slightly anxious but going to let the anxiety crack on not going to let it beat me.I have had enough of the feelings and I am going to give it my best try to stay strong today.Would love to wake up feeling happy instead of the deep down feeling I get in my stomach.Slept quite well but I know its me who starts my self off as soon as I am awake I start with the negative thoughts and feelings.Hoping the CBT gives me some tools to turn those into positive feelings.Anyway I find writing a blog therapy for me Sharon x

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Morning Sharon, I'm the same today, woken up feeling a little anxious, the negative thoughts and feelings are there, how do we knock these on the head before they escalate? I haven't got a very busy day today and although I'm looking after my little girl it's hard to not focus on my thoughts and feelings! Hope you have a good day x Nicki


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