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Fear, worry and anxiety

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Fear, worry and anxiety have been issues in my life for many years. Each time I have to do medicals, I will become afraid. I'm afraid of travelling. A month today, it came to a head when I got professional makeup done and immediately after, a cloud of fear descended on me that I have exposed myself to a disease. Indeed, I compromised on my health standard as I'm always too careful. I go to medical laboratory with all that is required for taking samples despite the lab having it all.

Now, fear, regrets, self- recriminations, worry and anxiety has made my life a struggle. I struggle through my duties at work, have lost weight, low energy, haven't exercised in three weeks, overwhelmed and wondering how far I can go.


4 Replies
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I am also very anxious and a worries, so I do understand. If you are not seeing a therapist, try to find one and see about SSRIs. Also see if you can start exercising gradually again. You are not likely to get sick from the make up session as it was long enough ago. Try to take precautions as best you can. You can always wear a mask for example and also avoid events where there will be a lot of people. x

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Thank you very much

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Are you are a Nigerian?

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