Fear of medication because of anxiety?

Hello everyone. I am new to this site and it looks very good and helpful so I thought I'd give it a go and maybe make some friends along the way. Anyway, I do have anxiety attacks so I don't know if this is related as I used to be ok but I have a fear of taking medication. It happened all of a sudden and started to find myself reading side effects and using Google etc etc.

Any help and advice would be great

Thank you


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5 Replies

  • Hi and welcome.

    I also have a med fear and health anxiety with panic disorder. Google is the enemy of an anxiety sufferer . I try to Google only looking at anxiety sites but of course at times end up in the wrong place getting panicked by what I read

    Take care and I am sure more people will come on line and welcome you and offer some advice.

  • hi, welcome! i also do that as well! i have a few allergies which most have started a few years ago and learned the hard way. i cant take any medicines i am petrified of it. i cant even take a aleve anymore. the best thing to do is listen to your body. everyone is different and will react differently. do not google! google will think you have cancer when you have a headache and crazy stuff. i even had a nurse tell me that once, she used to do the same thing!

  • Welcome Lou Lou. I am the same with anxiety meds. They have so many side effects I read the manufacturer list and then frighten myself so much I then darnt take it. Feel as though I'm in a no win situation. I have looked at other sites of patients reviews if the meds I have been prescribed and again some of the comments are frightening. Makes sense not to look at anything but what do you do if you take a tablet and have an unusual symptom to it.Cant answer that one. Have found this site really useful.x

  • I know what you mean I did the same with my medication I didn't start taking it for about a month because I was worried about side effects but now I wonder what I was so worried about because they made me feel so much better you just need to figure out if the symptoms you're experiencing outweigh the side effects etc

  • Thank you everyone for your advice so far 😊

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