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.I suffer from anxiety and balance problems..it's been quite bad for a few months now after a fall 2 yrs ago when my dog pulled me

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.I ended up with wrist fracture and a small ramus pubic fracture .which I recovered from .but since then I have fear of falling so my legs get week and pressure in head when ime taking my dog out so a form of agoraphobia which I deal with with the knowledge of anxiety on past .Claire weeks has always been a great help for me but this is going on for almost a year now any comments would be appreciated 🙂

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Here are some things you can do: 1) in the kitchen, put one hand on the counter and stand on one foot and then the other foot for about a minute each. Every week remove one finger from the hand that is holding the counter. 2) buy a balance pad (on Amazon) and stand on it with both feet or one foot, but make sure you are holding on to something solid until your balance improves. 3) try to do some walking and stair climbing. 4) think about learning to ice skate. You can wear pads and must take lessons and proceed very slowly, but this is a sport that will give people the balance of a mountain goat. You do not even have to be good at it.5) consider physical therapy. In the US there is a lot of PT for balance problems. Try to do 1 through 3 every day if it is OK with your doctor.

Most important, talk to your doctor first and make sure he thinks you are strong and flexible enough to work on balance before you do anything. It is really worth working on and will make you feel more confident mentally and physically. Just start slowly and very gradually work up and make sure to consult your doctor. Good Luck.

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Thanks b1 for your response :) xx

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Thank you for your reply ime very grateful for all the advice and wishing you well .

Hi Dextersam10, I am sad to hear you are having such difficulties with anxiety, balance and other ailments. Anxiety can be overcome with determination and strength of character. Have you tried relaxation tapes? That is do you have facilities to play a favourite piece of music? If yes, when you feel the stress coming on, take yourself into a quiet place with your music, a place where you won't be disturbed. Settle down, set a scene, maybe on a warm beach somewhere or in a garden, listen for the breeze, smell the air, talk to GOD if you are a believer - even if you're not He will be available to listen to you. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun - or the coolness of mountains - if that is where you choose to be. Put all your cares behind you - or give them the GOD. Then just bask in your own presence until your mind, body, and spirit tells you to return. Take back control of your own life. Another thing I would do is ask your GP to a) Test your urine for U T I; b) Look into your ears and ensure they are well. Infections in either of these can cause balance problems. I also notice and mean no offence in saying this, but at 82 years young, have you adjusted in your own mind to the fact that you are not as able now, as you always have been to do all the things you used to when much younger? Mobility, balance, and other areas of wellbeing that go awry is all part and parcel of the ageing process. Remember our grandparents did not live a long as we do, nor did they have the social problems we experience (I am 74, have had a stroke, breast cancer twice (mastectomy in 1994) have all the symptoms you have and have Atrial Fibrillation) My family are scattered across the UK, so I don't get to see them as much as I would like - or as much as my grandparents saw their family, who all lived nearby. You need a bit of T L C. What hobbies do you have? It's great to walk the dog, but not without danger. Is there anything you can offer in the community. The Girl Guides are always looking for 'Badge Testers' is that something you would be able to do. Or even telephone calling lonely people - I call 3 people a week (previously unknown), and volunteer for SPACE which is part of MIND to chat and give people support. There are no end of things you can do to self help. I wish you well, and I will hold you in prayer -

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