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What qxiety sensation do you most stress about?

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What is your Anxiety sensation that's scares you the most? The one that triggers panic?

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The feeling of needing to be sick, and use the bathroom but also feeling like I'm going to pass out.

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Our mind is sure powerful

Compulsively To Keep Re-Sharing On Face Book.

fearing for my family brings out the worst in me.

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Yes that one always sucks

listen to this about 6 year ago I was on my way home from hillwalking you can see the town and city on the path on the way home.that day my Mrs and my sons had been to a park with their bikes and they hadn`t been used to them then on my way home heard a siren instantly made me think had one of them had an accident soon after still on the way home my Mrs phoned and said my son had an accident on his bike and split his head open crashing into a wall.now it`s very much doubtful the siren I heard was coming for my son but the fear filled me up from previous life experiences and it does cause anxiety.

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Omg yes I agree, that would of been scary

Hey There! There’s isn’t just one for me. It’s my neausea and headaches that make me think something is going on. It sucks!

Shortness of breath....fear takes over.

Nausea. I am emetophobic so it scares the h out of me.

The fear of being ill. Lately i been in bad health, mainly pain. Doctors cant find whats wrong with me regardless of many tests done. Not knowing and having pain triggers my anxiety. Yesterday I was having such a wonderful time for most of the day, then my brain couldn’t belief the good time I was having and triggered my anxiety. Its so annoying that my anxiety is in control.

Feeling helpless like im about to pass out or die from a heart attack

Knees giving way when I’m confronted by people dressed in a certain way. Feeling sick, lightheaded and terrified something bad is going to happen like before. Also loud noises like alarms terrify me, remind me of bomb alerts.

What scares me to death is my health anything I feel any new symptoms has me thinking what if this what if that

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