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Why do I feel so bad?

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I have been feeling very woozy, dizzy and tired. Also I feel weak and shake all the time. I have been on my antidepressants for 24 years. I was taking 25mg in the mornings and 25mg every other night aswell, but then I changed it and now take it every night. Because I still wasn’t feeling well, I have added another 10mg to my dose. I did this 2 days ago and unfortunately Ian still not feeling well. I have had blood tests, an ECG , but the doctors only found that my vitamin D levels are slightly below what they should be. I started taking vitamin D 25mg about 2 weeks ago, but don’t feel any better. I am now worried I have Parkinson’s as my mum had it and passed away 6 years ago at 82. Also I’m worried it’s multiple sclerosis. I just feel awful every day. My ears feel pressure in them too and I feel agitated.

Please help

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Hi Emma I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I don't usually respond to posts but I had a quick look through your posts and felt I wanted to reach out to you. Anxiety can make you feel really ill, I have no doubt about that. Feeling shaky and woozy is very common as the nervous system will flood your body with adrenaline. Parkinson's is very common in elderly people I have relatives in my family who have suffered from it, all of them over 80 :) I have a feeling you are in your 40's and have suffered from anxiety for many years - so I think it's safe to say you don't have Parkinson's but you do have anxiety. Its the anxiety you need to address and I know that's not an easy thing to do. Maybe you are feeling so tired from anxiety that it is tipping over into depression. I would really recommend counselling - its not a quick fix but it gives you the support from someone to explore how you are feeling. Anxiety will exaggerate all body sensations and anxiety will tell you something terrible is happening. I hope you are feeling a bit better today - life isn't easy xx

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Emma143 in reply to septima

Hi Septima. I found your reply very helpful. I am on the list to have counselling and am meant to start Thursday, but not face to face which is a shame. I hope your feeling better soon.

Anxiety is a horrible illness, and I pray there will be a cure soon as it affects so many people. X

Hi Emma I totally understand what you’re going through sounds like really bad anxiety which I have anxiety doesn’t walk to your body what medication are you on maybe it’s too high of doses maybe the doctor should change it to something different how long it has always been going on has it been since they upped your dosage maybe it’s too much for you I also have Parkinson’s and I go to the neurologist faithfully and the shaking that I have he said it’s not the Parkinson’s it’s actually they anxiety so I really think that’s what yours is from and now you’re getting yourself so worked up because you think you’re dying and that’s just making it worse I find if I do deep breathing walk and do some exercise it helps me I’m on Lexapro but I was only taking 5 mg which definitely was not enough I took 5 mg for eight weeks and now my doctor a week ago starting me on 10 mg they said it takes couple weeks before it kicks in now because I was on such a low dose but I also see a psychologist She is great we have calls every week and I could always call her anytime had a lot going on with the family this year and she explains all those episodes of misfortunes did not help the anxiety at all but you might just need someone to talk toWhen you are feeling really bad but I’m sure everything you’re going through is from anxiety any other questions you need to ask you could ask me I’m always here people are always here for me it’s a great group

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Emma143 in reply to SOPHIA24

Hi Sophia. Thank you for answering my post about anxiety. I am taking clomipramine 50mg but an tempted to take more. I have stopped taking vitamin D as I think it was making my anxiety worse. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am thinking about anxiety, but it S still there. I’m sorry to hear you suffer from Parkinson’s. My mum got really bad with hers and also had Dementia, but I know some people can live for years with it.

I shake a lot and feel very agitated all over my body. It feels like I am going to go into a fit. I feel weak and dizzy every day and so tired. I also get a feeling like I’m gagging even though I don’t feel sick.

What symptoms do you get.

Hi Emma, I agree with all the responses to your post that it's anxiety playing its usual tricks on our bodies.. Vitamin D at 25mg will not help as you would need a much larger dose to get your levels up. This is our fight of flight response being constantly activated for no reason and all severe anxiety sufferers will know about this and it is debilitating.. Have you ever had your neurotransmitters tested? The majority of your serotonin is made up in your gut and not in the brain so high anxiety always means very low serotonin! There is a company called The great plains laboratory. It's in the UK and is a urine sample which you send them and it tests for lots of things you cannot get tested for at the doctors. It's called The Organic Acid Test! Have a look on YouTube it could be worth checking out?

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Emma143 in reply to Jamesgolfer1

Hi James. Thank you for replying to my post on anxiety.I will have a look on YouTube about the organic Acid test. It sounds interesting. Do you have to pay for that? What happens if they find that my serotonin is low?

I hope you are feeling better.

I have come off the vitamin D as I think it was making my anxiety worse.

Hi Emma, yes I'm doing ok, the same old struggles but always seeking to overcome this anxiety we all struggle with so much! The test isn't cheap around £250 but I promise u if u have been suffering 25 years on antidepressants and seen no improvements then I would 100 per cent try the organic acid test! Your gut is your 2nd brain and I'm sure being an anxiety sufferer u have been through alot of gut issues, weight gain, fatigue, nervous stomach as soon as you wake up ... The list goes on! I've spent thousands and thousands of pounds on vitamins, supplements etc because I googled my symptoms and fell into the trap of the internet selling anxiety relief without anyone selling it actually being on a real anxiety sufferer! Your gut and Vegas nerve have so much to do with anxiety, Candida of the gut is a big symptom and only the organic acid test will let u know,! I take a supplement which really helps me called LIDTKE L Tryptophan complete, u can buy on Amazon for £40 but it's the only supplement I can honestly say has helped!!

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