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Fast heart rate

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Does anyone else randomly get a fast heart rate? I got mine before and it happened for like half an hour none stop at like 120, dipping to 90 then back up, it’s so horrible I hate it so much

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I have this. I was.eventually diagnosed with SVT, a benign but irritation condition.

I read upon it and svt is only if it goes super high like 150, 200

It’s also for palpitations and heart runs above what is normal. Mine has been between 130 and 150. It’s not necessarily how high the heart rate gets but the mechanical mechanism that controls the heart rate. Getting a diagnosis from your doctor is definitely the best choice. I asked to be referred to a cardiologist when my regular doctor pushed it off as stress or anxiety.

Oh yes I’ve been seen in the past and my hearts been around 260 once during a panick attack they never said I had stv tho

Yes I was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia which is a fast heart rate. There also Superventricular tachycardia which is a faster beat that is extremely dangerous I had an ultrasound to rule out AFib and Mitral Valve Prolapse. I then wore a Holter Monitor and would press it at certain times my heart would race or I felt dizzy. At one point it reached the highest 167. I take Atenelol daily to keep it down to a normal heart rate. Please talk with your doctor and get some testing. It's not always anxiety. It's not anything that will increase your prevalence for a heart attack or anything it's just a glitch. I've had it since I was 24 and I'm 58 and still take same dose. My regular doctor did it and you don't need a Cardiologist. I saw him once and it wasn't necessary. As long as you take your med if your diagnosed but please get tested. You'll feel so much better.

Good luck 🤞

Keep me posted.

Oh yes I have sinus tachycardia I was diagnosed with that to but I only got that with anxiety so I’m unsure

Well it happens with anxiety too but if you've been dx with sinus Tachycardia you should be on medication to stabilize your heartbeat.

They said it’s benign

Usually something is benign when they take tissue out and test it for cancer. ST is never cancer. So I guess I'm confused. When I was diagnosed I had an ultrasound to rule out mitral valve prolapse and AFib and I wore a Holter Monitor which is what solidified the diagnosis. I wore it for 7 days. If they didn't do this then it may be just anxiety.

ST is a glitch that makes your heart rate faster even at rest when you're not anxious.

Just trying to help 🌛

I had a 24hours monitor I’ll ask for a 7 day one :) Thankyou


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