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Trouble breathing no fast heart rate?


So I have been always getting trouble breathing that is triggered every time I stand up, and gets worse when I sit back down, or should I say I am assuming that it’s getting worse. Is it still anxiety if I get physical symptoms without a racing heart? I’m really worried that it’s a lung disease, however I checked my lungs two months ago and I have been told my lungs are perfect. Is it still considered anxiety if you get physical symptoms without a pounding heart? Or does a pounding heart have to be present for it to be anxiety? I’m horrified!

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Hey SX. A pounding heart may or may not be present with other anxiety symptoms. The sensation of 'air hunger' (not feeling like you're getting full breaths) is common to anxiety and may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms.

Oh okay thank you so much x


My heart never pounds either. Anxiety can take many forms.

SxufferingSxoul in reply to Hidden

Oh thank you, I’m glad to know that I am not alone!

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Your definitely not alone

i was writing a reply and it disappeared.anyway no no racing friend cannot leave the house.when i try take him for a short walk he runs home.discribing his feelings its terror fear feeling weak.he is 6ft 5.its a shame as gp gives the usual anti depressants first then anti phycotics this makes it worse.he needs and i will say it.valium.nowdays they wont prescribe so he lives in terror every day.this is a genuine case were its obvious that he needs a benzo.oh my god the coxommunitsay its addictive.well he has been in the house for 3years no doctor but im sure a relaxing drug would help but nooo its never prescribed in our area.shocking to leave a young man in terror every day

I am so sorry to hear that :( I hope one day he will find a solution to that problem, I always get that terror feeling when I go to that one specific place I always avoided due to having a bad panic attack there! Have you tried asking the doctor whether beta-blockers can help calm down your friend? Non-cardioselective ones like propanolol?

tryed them.its severe social no doctor but i know this young man has spent most of his 20's they refuseca relaxing drug ad its addictive anfmd leave him to rot.i could buy the solution tablet off strestrbut thats not the point.a doctor should see the problem and help him.p.s. i havevnever bought him any tablets he would not take them.hevis not drug seeking but i know benzo would help.wish the doctor would prescibe instead of anti depressants.hebis not depressed.he just freaks out when outside.surely a tablet that calms him should be better than being housebound so saf

That is actually really sad, I’m so sorry to hear that. There is this one thing that might be contributing to his social phobia. It’s GABA receptors, they basically respond to gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA is the brain’s main inhibitory neurotransmitter that calms your brain cells and usually prevents any form of anxiety, and over-excitement. Many people who have social anxiety or any anxiety, fear usually take GABA supplements as they help dissolve any anxiety, depression and other psychiatric symptoms. However, I would recommend that you talk to a doctor about checking that in your friend, see if GABA supplements will help with his fear.

Hope this helped, best wishes

One more thing, I really hope you find a way of getting benzos but do you know the reason why the doctor aren’t prescribing them to him? Because benzodiazepines enhance the effect of the neurotransmitter GABA at the GABA receptor.

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