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Fast heart rate/dizziness


I'm so worried I'm going to have a heart attack. I'm 25 years old and I keep noticing my heart beating really fast and then I get dizzy. Is this a sign of anxiety? I've been checked out by a cardiologist about a year ago and all came back clear , but I'm so worried because I get dizzy too. Does anyone else have this?

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Hi Kimbosuki5, it is not unusual to feel dizzy when your heart starts beating fast. It could very well be a sign of anxiety as long as you have had it checked out by your cardiologist first. It must be very uncomfortable as well as worrying for you. Your doctor may be able to give you something to calm down the fast beat and in turn that will stop the dizziness. x

Kimbosuki5 in reply to Agora1

After I went to the cardiologist a year ago it had went away, but now a year later it has returned. I guess I need to remind myself that it's just anxiety since it went away for so long. It is very scary. The cardiologist told me I had some tachycardia but it was nothing to worry about. I'm hoping it's just my anxiety

Agora1 in reply to Kimbosuki5

It most likely is since anxiety can bring on tachycardia. That's fine if your cardiologist is not worried about it, but if you are and it's happening often, you may want to give him a call and see if he can give you something. I'm on medication to reduce my fast heart beat and I can tell you that it does bring down the anxiety level by not having to experience that feeling. x


I suffer from the same thing, it's my anxiety that causes it.

All the time :-(. Have you found relief?

I'm pretty sure it's just the old adrenaline rush because that causes all those symptoms

Take care x

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