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Heart rate

Ok so I'm trying to be more active and I got a Fitbit charge hr that shows your heart rate. But I've been obsessing over it bc I freak out if my heart beat gets too high and freaks out if it gets too low. Like I was just sitting on the couch feeding my son and check it and saw it showed my heart rate was 54 I started to freak out thinking my heart was going to stop.

My worst fear and panic here lately is heart issues which I don't have bc I've been through tons of test. Any advice on how not to freak out. My husband just told me to stop wearing the Fitbit bc it makes my anxiety worse

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Fit bit is actually good for us. 54 heart rate while relaxed in doing nothing to physical is ok. 40-100 beats is normal. Keep the fit bit I'm going to get one too and I have anxitey too.

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From personal experience, I wore a fitbit, and did the same exact thing. OBSESSED over my heart rate. It made my anxiety worse and I stopped wearing it. I always checked my phone with the daily updates showing my heart rate. Just freaked me out to much so I stopped wearing it. Everyone is different though.


Yeah I'm checking it every 5 or 10 minutes. It's not helping me. I got it to try and be more active maybe I should have gotten the kind that didn't have a heart rate

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Hi Aliciar, I don't think the Fitbit does an anxious person any good since it makes you focus on your heart even more so. Years ago, I wore a Casio Watch that took my heart rate and blood pressure as well as showing a cardiac strip. I constantly had my fingers on the buttons taking my vitals. Doctors were fascinated with it. Then one day it broke, I have learned to live without it. Best thing ever. Your choice :)


Hi Aliciar,

Have you tried some structured problem solving which is a technique for tackling obstacles, in your case frequent checking of the Fitbit.

There are six simple steps:-

1. Define the problem - frequent checking of the Fitbit

2. Generate possible solutions - only once or twice a day and at what time

3. Evaluate possible solutions - record on a paper record or get rid of Fitbit

4. Decide on action - formulate a plan - keep Fitbit but only record readings in morning or at night

5. Implement the action - do this for a month

6. Evaluate how effective it was - did I feel less anxious and did my husband feel better

Write it down, this helps with the follow through

If all else fails, put the Fitbit back in the box :)

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