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Anybody tried gabapentin for anxiety xx

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I was given those for back pain didn’t know they used them for anxiety x

No I didn’t love but doctor said they are for anxiety did they work for you xx

I’ve actually not had any I didn’t dare take any but if they can help anxiety it’s definitely worth me trying them I think xx

Aww ok love just wondering. If they helped with you r back pain xx

I haven’t tried yet gunna wait first for my mri results I go next Saturday xxx

Hello I am surprised your Doctor has suggested this med for anxiety

I have been prescribed it for chronic pain and it knocks me out which I don't like but when the pain is so bad I have no choice

But as far as using it as a anxiety med I am very surprised it has been suggested for this

I do use it for pain but I would never consider using it for anxiety and I also feel it could become addictive so I would ask what other meds are available as there are so many for anxiety

I have added a link which tells you what it is prescribed for and nowhere does it say it is used for anxiety x

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to BeKind28

Thanks love but tryed everything I’m in a right mess feel all over this morning suppose I’ll have to get useto them xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Jimmyluke55

Well I really am not sure what to say to be honest I get you have tried everything and I know how anxiety feels but for a Doctor to give you a med that no where does it say it is even sometimes used for anxiety baffles me , I would personally be wanting a second opinion about prescribing me them

Good Luck x

It says it’s for anxiety on the leaflet love and I’ve been on a gabapentin site and it’s give really good reviews 9 or 10 out of ten people have given it x

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BeKind28 in reply to Jimmyluke55

Well if that is what you believe and want to do I hope it works for you but personally I would only take the drug to try and deal with pain and like I said as taking it for pain myself it can be very addictive and because of this I am very careful when taking it for pain so would not want it as an anxiety drug but of course this is just my opinion and it sounds like you would like to try it which is your choice and I hope it works for you and your anxiety improves x

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to BeKind28

Me too but god it makes me tired

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BeKind28 in reply to Jimmyluke55

I know it is exhausting , take each day at a time try as much as you can to distract your thoughts and never give up hope , we all have a chance eve though at times it does not feel like it of getting better x

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to BeKind28

Feel so tense all the time can’t relax it’s a nightmare

I've been using gabapentin for pain for many years, and it doesn't seem to do much for either pain or anxiety (but I am on a very low dose). My understanding is that pregabalin is actually the preferred gabapentinoid for anxiety.

I’m on 75 mg 1 in a morning and one at night is that a lot please

Hi there, I have had these for anxiety but couldn’t tolerate them , but give it a try if you think they will help.

Why love did they make you feel rubbish and did you have them for anxiety I’m on 75mg twice a day but said they might have to put them up , how long did you tolerate them for please

I take gabapentin for anxiety and it helps. Not as much as a benzodiazepine but ok. It is NOT addictive

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