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Feeling like I can scream


Does anyone else anxiety tend to get worse at night? I feel like I can only do so much to keep my kind busy.... some nights are better than others but other nights I just want to cry and scream.. I feel like it has taken over my life! I wish I knew what it felt like NOT to have anxiety

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Hi there! I was just thinking tonight how bad my anxiety is. I ALWAYS get heightened anxiety at night time. It’s awful. I’m so much better when it’s light outside... the minute I know it’s going I get dark it starts. It sucks!

Yes! I mean I am totally fine during the day.. happy go lucky, cheerful and soon as evening hits... I get a wave of sickness to my stomach and my heart starts racing

Nocturnal panic is what my dr calls it i scream i love the night .....unless that hits me mostly 2 am

Hi ashanikita,

Mine is the total opposite. My anxiety starts as soon as I wake up but it gets better by night.

I guess it’s different for people.

I don’t take meds so it makes it a little harder.

Just gotta accept anxiety it and take it step by step.

Mines bad in the morning and used to be good at night for sleep not any more all day or night no difference.want to sleep

My anxiety started a few weeks ago, so I’m very new to this, but I wake up with it, it seems to work itself out during the late afternoon/evening, then it peaks again at night. In fact it’s why I’m here right now. Trying to just work through it. It’s almost 1am where I am, and I got a wave of anxiety around midnight that just keeps pulsing.

It’s the same for me! My heart is racing, I can’t sleep, I’m tossing and tuning

alfreddy7 in reply to ashanikita

Hi again Ashanikita

Is there anything you do during the day that makes you relax? Like watch videos or a TV show?

What you can do is transfer that activity from the day time to night and help you relax and put you to sleep.


I feel like that too but i try not to svream it scares bella but it s the plague of anxiety take your meds and tell yourself hafe the country has it try to take your life back if you are not alone love to you

Also this pandemic and all the fear has added to this mess we are in i am grateful i at least have a roof over my head and cereal to eat .blessings come in different packages i am learning more every day

I agree I noticed my anxiety wasn’t near this bad before covid hit, to me i guess it’s the fear of the Unknown

I want to cry right now

Why what’s wrong?

I can t stop panic attack

Hi I'm going through Soch a badtime

Lessthanone in reply to twiglett

Whats wrong twiglett you didn t say are you panicing too

Please help

ashanikita in reply to twiglett

What’s wrong?

Please help

Same but mines in the morning more just wanna scream and cry it’s awful 😞

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