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So im back home from the cardiologist

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Soo it went alright he said its been a year i havent seen him we talked a little bit he asked me what was going on i told him i feel and everything i post on here he did a couple of test like a sonagram of my heart and also my pulse of the side of my head on the right and left also ekg and he put something on my finger i guess it tells him the way my heart beats . he said everything is Ok but he thinks i might have some type of symdrome disorder like a nervous system disorder also he said i have a arrythmia it seems like it but he wants to double check he wants to put a monitor after my surgery he says on monday and he wants to get to the bottom of it he says

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Sounds like the visit was well worth while Johnnie. I'm glad the doctor wants to get down to the bottom of your issues. First things first in having the surgery. Thanks for sharing that info. :)

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yeah hopefully its nothing bad im type nervous about the heart because he had told me if i can change the surgry date for another day so he can check the heart but then he wrote a letter and gave it to me and said give this to this to the surgens i need them to check your blood pressure before the surgery and then said ill see you on monday for the monitor for the heart he had told me to come that day so he can see wassup

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Well Johnnie, the cardiologist had the option to change the surgery if he felt it warranted doing that. Apparently the letter he gave you will be enough for the surgery to proceed. Believe me you will be in the best of hands through surgery and you will be monitored. Try not to worry.

Ok, Johnnie1234, you must feel relieved that the cardiologist is paying close attention to you and your heart and so far looks A-OK. And he wants you to wear a monitor after your surgery to make sure he hasn't missed anything. You wrote clearly and precisely today, and that is very good improvement from some of your posts. Pat yourself on the back. :)

Good for you!!! xx

I'm glad you went today and that the cardiologist is working with you to find a solution. It's a blessing that they were able to do all those tests right in the office today! I hope you stick with the doctor's plan and that it eases your mind. Millions of people have arrythmias so it's something that doctors are super familiar and used to treating. I hope your kidney surgery goes well and gets rid of that nasty stone. As said before, there's no way the cardiologist would allow the surgery to happen if he didn't think all would be okay.

Oh, the thing he put on your finger is called a pulse oximeter. It measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and lets the doctor know that your heart and lungs are getting enough oxygen into your blood.

yeah if it wasnt for you guys i would of never went to see the cardiologist and are the arrythmias are bad ?? and also how do you treat them?

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HearYou in reply to Johnnie1234

Your doctors will go over all of that. And you definitely are not the only person to have them, if you do. Don't go worrying about that now. :)

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