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Heart rate fluctuating



I've gotten to the point where I'm comfortable and I know how to deal with my attacks. I just had one where I'm resting and all of a sudden my heart jumps into the 90's or 100's (normal for me is 58-64). I have sligjt chest pain and left arm pain and I have to get up and walk around to feel better and I sit down when its back down atleast into the 70's. I still feel like I'm having trouble breathing and my heart rate keeps fluctuating from 59-74 all within a few minutes and it's been doing this for the past half hour. Is this something I should worry about or is this just normal? Or is it all in my head like the doctors say.

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It's perfectly normal for you're heart to fluctuate like this mine does the same it can be as low as 64 then jump into the 80's all within seconds so I wouldn't worry hun it's nothing serious 😊

I will literally roll over and my heart rate will go from 65 to 90. So don't worry it's normal. (I hope)

Thanks! Another part of it may be I have a fitbit and I'm constantly checking my heart rate. Im driving myself nuts lol

Ahhh...the classic symptom of anxiety. It sucks big time my friend.

I indeed too suffer from anxiety and frequent heart palpitations. Sometimes when I'm feeling calm. I recently just got my heart checked and the cardiologist said that I'm good. So I guess that relieved me. I still get heart palpitations and I tell myself its the loads of stress and anxiety that I have put my body into.

My heart rate once went up to 150 bmp at the cardiologist place cause I was so nervous and in order to start the test it had to be at a certain level....and 150 was definitely not that. I was terrified....for no reason :s

My heart would go at a fast pace throughout the entire day sometimes. 

If you got your heart checked and it came clear than tell yourself that it's all just anxiety. Your body is just reacting to the stress. & its great that you deeply care for your heart.

Just take deep breaths (I KNOW SO CLICHE BUT IT WORKS!), drink some water, and find entertainment. Surround yourself with lovely people, watch your favorite movie/show, play a game, read a book, etc.

Tell yourself (and I'm also telling you this too) that you will be OK. 

Thanks! It just seems different this time. Ive had plenty of EKG's and a heart echo and it all came back fine. My heart rate just goes up and down so much, especially yesterday and today. It just worries me so much no matter how much I tell myself I'll be okay. Im sure I'd be dead right now if it was actually heart related, but having all the heart attack symptoms doesnt help me feel better. 

ncruz in reply to alleynicole28

omg!!! i have the same problem ... i am sitting here going thru a full blown panic attack and i read this and start laughing . Because here i am thinking that i must be losing my mind and am crazy for feeling this way .I will be praying for both of us. I am starting acupuncture this week hope that helps me.

Dorjee in reply to consciousx

I m not with my family'may b due to that I feel so lonely n heart beat very high at night n day. I don't egg n blood test. Result normal. But my heart beats high. Is that coz of anxiety.

I have this, Dr's, EMTs, Nurse Practitioners have all told me its my fitbit to get rid of it, somedays it will be higher than others and all kinds of fluctuations

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