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Anyone tried mitzapine for peri menopause anxiety?


Sorry guys I couldn’t on here asking for reassurance

It’s because I don’t talk to anyone bout my stuff

Is anyone taking mitzapine and if it helps awful morning anxiety and peri menopause symptoms ????


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Citrapram not helping xxx

Hi Tyson

Yes, I was put on Mirt for my peri anxiety and I have to say it did help a lot.

I am petrified of taking meds but I was such a wreak that I decided to give it a try.

Before I was put on it a was sleeping for only 2 or 3 hours a night and I would wake up sweating, shaking, with my heart racing, I would also cry all the time.

I was put on Mirt and Gabapentin and my symptoms improved so much but since I started them both at the same time I I don't know which did what but I know for sure Mirt has helped me to sleep (low doses apparently help with this).

The first few days I felt a bit strange but not for long.

Good luck if you decide to go for it. If you need to ask me anything just go ahead x

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Thank u sooo much

I am48

Couple yrs ago my anxiety came back and gp said it’s prob peri menopausal

My periods are crazy and I feel so drained

And my anxiety is terrible where I have lost weight too

I am on citrapram 10mg and 1mg a day but the mornings are the worst afeeling of fear and my stomach turning with heart beating fast

I get odd days where I am grt and I eat loads lol

But majority of the time I am uptight and dizzy and stressed feelings of having to rush everything

I sleep but wake up 2or 3 times a night in panic

Gp said try mitzapine 15mg but soooo scared

I work full time and worried this med will effect me there

I keep reading negative stuff bout it saying people feel drugged on it

That scares me

How was u on your first dose ?


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Oops I meant 1 mg diazapam a day x

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It’s the anxiety I can’t handle just that feeling of uneasy

I get relief at night for some reason xxx

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I will speak from my experience with it. If you have weekends off work my suggestion would be that you beggin then because the first couple of days you do feel tired and a bit spaced out.

On the first day I spent it all in bed, second day very tired but better, 3rd day tired but ok.

My extreme anxiety and sweating and shaking improved very quickly, but as I said I can't say exactly if it was the mirt or the gabapentin. In any case I went from a nervous wreck to functioning just fine.

I'm 47, periods all over the place.

Mirt is the only antidepressant I can tolerate that doesn't make my anxiety worse, for me Cit was hell. We are all different. All you can do is give it a try.

Oh, I was also better at night, we have really similar symptoms.

Keep reaching out for any more doubts you have

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We do sound similar

Yes would luv to keep in touch

I am on citapram 10mg will ask dr if can directly switch

I hate my weight loss too

I am just not the same person anymore

I feel sooo lost

Don’t bother going out nor looking nice anymore

I hate it

I just wanna be me xxx

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Ps did ur appetite get better x

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Did it?? It got too much better lol.

Went from undeweight to overweight which I'm not too happy about but I would rather be plumpish and not suffer the extreme anxiety

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Sorry to keep asking but Drs don’t really explain much bout this med

But how quick did u feel better ?

And did it help period stuff lol

Was thinking of getting a iud

I won’t go on hrt

Sod that xxx

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Don't be too hard on yourself. The pressure we put on ourselves to try and be how we think we should be just makes matter worse. Acceptance is key, have you read Claire Weekes? If you haven't I would strongly recommend you do. Or you can watch her on Youtube, look past the old fashioned clothes and voice lol. She is the best x

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Will do x

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Gunna try the mitzapine tonight x

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I remember listening to Claire w

It’s excepting isn’t it

But when it hits u it’s so damn hard to except it

Awful awful disease

I am just hoping mitzapine will help me xxx

One thing worth trying is aguaje it is amazing stuff from the Peruvian rainforests

Mirtazapine is a very powerful drug

Did mitzapine stop ur anxiety? Xxx

I only took it for a few days for another reason

I take aguaje for menopause it's fantastic it stops dizziness - dizziness is a less well known menopause symptom

You should try aguaje before you resort to drugs


Where do you buy it from ?

Ebay or amazon are you in US it is probably cheaper there as it is nearer Peru

I’ve tried Mirazaphine for anxiety not necessarily for one thing? I had no problems it helped me. My dr. took me off of it because that I gained weight but honestly I was already overweight. gave me medication that I had already tried and didn’t work for me and I told her this, but she still gave it to me so I didn’t take it anyway. You got to not be afraid to try something what if it works? You can always change medications ?

I am curious as to why you chose the route of psychiatry for a perimenopausal situation. I am in that place and having some issues. I'm looking into bioidentical hormone replacement thinking that if my hormones are rebalanced some of my symptoms (like anxiety) will abate. Is anyone here doing that as well?

I'm finding that when I mention a symptom to my psychiatrist he is quick to write a prescription to "fix it." I probably need to find a new psychiatrist. I'm trying to look at the "why" - why am I having this anxiety? A psych drug can calm my anxiety but it isn't fixing my hormonal imbalance driving that anxiety.


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Definitely agree with you

It’s because I have been on anti depressants for yrs

And different ones but they are not helping me anyone as my periods are everywhere and so frequently so dr said that ads can help the anxiety that comes with peri menopause

But I agree with u re ads

My psychiatrist mentioned hrt but so scared to try them

It’s because my brain is so anxious and I can’t think properly nor decide wats happening to me

This scares me sooo much


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Wat are your symptoms of peri menopausal?

Mine are


Off balance

Light headed

Night sweats

Doom and gloom when wake and in anxious state

Scared to go work or even scared to go anywhere

But I am in full time work and I am panicking all the way to work and seem to put on this brave face yet inside I am sooo scared and anxious

I don’t like even going home

Wats happened to me xxx

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O and periods are so frequent and long and short days heavy and light

Soo bad

Feel as if I am constantly on a period and I get so off balance like a boat on water xxx

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Hi Tyson1-3

To be honest I have so many issues going on that I I don't really what symptoms are from what, and because I also have Health Anxiety I get to the point where I I don't even know which are real and which are somatizations.

The reason that led me to believe that at least some (or maybe most of) my symptoms are hormonal is that I would feel like crap every day of the month, except day 1 and 2 of my period when I would feel just fine and full of energy.

I had ALL your symptoms and quite a few more.

If you google "Perimenopause feel like I'm dying" these forums come up that are comforting in so far as there are sooo many going through the same issues.

You're definitely not alone

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Yeah I am always on google bout peri menopause but I never feel reassurance

This dizzy thing is the worst or it’s like I can’t balance then I think o noo I am dying of something

Then there’s the bleeding

For example

One day I am heavy then nxt day it’s gone

Last period was 9 days long it’s crazy

I dread going to toilet now

I don’t know if it’s the Diaz I take that makes me dizzy or the citrapram or it’s the hormones


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We should get a grp wattapp lol

The ones that replied on here as we are all sufferering xxx

Hi Tyson. Maybe we can support each other with this. I’m 49 and experiencing many of the symptoms that you are and can’t yet seem to find relief. I take lexapro 10 and propanolol at times for physical symptoms of anxiety. I also take a very low dose of Ambien because I have to sleep to function at work and home. I have poor appetite and recently low motivation. Have you seen a Gyn and what are they recommending? It was my understanding that there are not many options until you enter menopause. It is miserable because its hard to know what’s anxiety and depression and what is hormonal. I’m here for you if you want to share tips or just talk.

Thank u for kind reply

I am 48 too

Dr just said by going on my symptoms that I am peri menopause

Not had tests as they said it’s hard to detect

I am similar as don’t know if it’s my anxiety or hormones

I keep getting the drunk feeling but not drinking

And vision weird and feel unbalanced

Dr said it’s all hormones

I am currently taking citrapram 10 mg and Diaz when I need to

Feel so scared xxx

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I also suffer with health anxiety and when I get dizzy I feel worse or I am dying

Hate it hate it xxx

I’m sorry you feel scared, Tyson. I know all of these symptoms and reading about it all and how long it can last is discouraging. For me it’s like an internal angst, not tied to real concerns (other than how long am I going to have to feel this way). My doctor too said that she could refer me to a Gyn but the hormones change daily so it’s not that accurate. She recommends deep breathing, meditation, etc... easier said than done sometimes!!! Also worried about additional side effects. My doctor wants me to increase the Lexapro but I’m concerned it will increase the anxiety. Citalopram seemed to make me anxious as well. Forcing myself to walk the dog and now go grocery shopping. An arduous task that was once so easy. We’re in this together, sister. Where do you live? Keep talking.

I know

My life is so crappy now

Feeling anxious 24/7

Only relief is when I sleep but then I am up every few hrs

Don’t know wat to do

Dr offered me mitzapine to help with sleep and anxiety but going on this drug scares me

I take 1mg Diaz in the morning as scared to take more

It’s hard when Drs say “ yeah just take this”

But they are not in ur brain are they so will never understand ?

At work today I was doing something and I got a rush of dizziness or like a unbalanced feeling like my eyes arnt keeping up with my brain

So that starts me off again

Just got home and feel lost just jump into bed and pray this wii end xxx

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Yes would luv to keep in touch xxx

I am in perimenopause. My GYN is some kind of a stickler about not actually being at menopause (1yr without a period - I am 6 months). Her attitude seems to be that everyone goes through this, blah, blah, blah and come back in 6 months. More bothersome to me than anxiety is not sleeping. I was hoping my progesterone was low and I could do a bioidentical cream to get a balance and fix my sleep. It turned out that my testosterone is high. I do have one ovarian cyst. I am 56. I changed my diet to a PCOS format. And I have made some calls to GYNs that specialize in bioidentical hormones. The prices are outrageous. No one wants to take insurance.

I am so happy that this discussion is going on. Thank you all for participating.

Thank u all for being here for me today I have had grt responses thank u all xxx

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Had s crappy shift

Kept feeling weird and lightheaded and felt my balance is off

Hate it soo much

Have bad neck pain too that scares me xxx

Tyson1-3 Apart from hormones it's the fear that keeps us with so many symptoms. Fear and anxiety cause so many physical symptoms it's unreal. Once we can truly believe that there is nothing else going on it all gets less intense. The difficult part is trusting that it's nothing more than peri. Oh well, off to watch Netflix, my main distraction from all this.

At least for tonight try to disconnect, you can worry about it again tomorrow lol

Night x

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Enjoy Netflix

Night night xxx

Just got back from the grocery store and had to “white knuckle” it as it was packed and I started feeling anxious but took care of what I wanted to today. My 85 pd labradoodle is happy he exercised and I’m making dinner for the family. Made plans to see a movie with a friend on Monday because I’ve isolated from friends for a couple of months and I really miss them. So as much as we want to stay in bed and retreat to safety, we HAVE to push ourselves. I know it’s hard but we cannot let anxiety or hormones dictate the quality of our lives. And we WILL be uncomfortable and it WILL pass❤️❤️❤️

Aww sounds grt

Good on u

Aww u have dog

Me too

I luv my Tyson he keeps me sane and always lays with me when I get bad xxx

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