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Swaying Vertigo


Have anybody been feeling like they are on a boat every day. So sick and tired of it . I’m about to go crazy. They say it’s vertigo but no medicine has helped at all.

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Yes! This is me everyday been feeling dizzy & lightheaded for months now. They have put mine down to stress & anxiety! A keep getting pins & needles in both arms and hands. Hope you feeling well soon 🙂

I get the pins and needles too but mostly in my hands and head. 👎🏼

Yes, and it’s ruined me! I’m not the same person!! I get episodes like I’m on a boat, even fall over if I try to walk but it goes away if I sleep, but lasts for hours if I don’t. My head feels like it’s bobbing too.

Went to balance clinic and even they couldn’t help. It started when I got new glasses and didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to read close up with them ... this caused the issue to start. Haven’t had an episode for a few months now.

I wonder does it make you feel weird sometimes when looking at phone or computer screen.p? Sometimes I simply can’t without feeling like the vertigo is coming on. I get adrenaline and a feeling of doom. Hate this!

P.s the hospital said I have vestibular problems

They have never said stress and anxiety to me . I believe they think I’m crazy. I done even tried physical therapy. I’m tired of going to doctors I just don’t know what to do anymore.

I suffer from vertigo and no medication ever helped so I attended a physiotherapist and they showed me how to do the Everley manoeuvre. If you look at YouTube there are videos how to do the movements & it helped me 👍

Fjackson in reply to Emeraldgal

I have done that too it helped a little bit but not enough. All I know is it had went away and I don’t know why I had even started back driving. I was doing good for about 4 months and it came back with vengeance. One time I thought the Benadryl tablets helped but not sure.

They help for a while but can be addictive then eventually stop working. I had this same issue n was using Benadryl to self medicate. Not sure what really made mine ease up enough to tolerate life but i find staying hydrated helps keeping the body balanced hope u feel better soon

That’s what might be my problem dehydration. I think I don’t drink enough water. I’m gonna try drinking more water. Hope it make a difference because at this point I will try anything because I am so tired of feeling like this.

Yes try it and cbd oil

I had been advised to go to my ear doctor when I had vertigo and balance issues. Something to do with calcium crystals moving againest a nerve in the inner ear. Very scary. It felt just like being on a boat during a very bad storm. Doctor said it is very important to do certain exersizes on utube if it is all about your ear in order to move those crystals back to their proper place. Meclizine is the drug for vertigo and helped me too. Another time, all I needed was new glasses.


Yes. Swaying is not vertigo tho. I get vertigo and it’s a nightmare. It feels like everything is spinning topsy turvy. Like you need to hold on to something to stop the flying. But I also get the swaying unbalanced feeling you have and I don’t know why. It definitely ruins your day and creates anxiety or it’s the other way around perhaps. The epley maneuver certainly helps vertigo but I don’t know what helps swaying. Maybe Dramamine? I’ve been working on balance exercises as well. When I don’t have vertigo or dizziness I’m perfectly active and fine. Good luck

Every day. If it helps, when you get to a point where you stop focusing on it, you’ll worry about it less, and then you’ll notice it less. It’s just a part of who I am now. But if I get really anxious about anything, it rears it’s ugly head.

Fjackson in reply to Hallyhooyou

I had gotten better once. I had even started back driving but it came back with vengeance. I had to stop driving. Just don’t know what to do about it at this point. Tired of going to doctors with no results.

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