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Remeron or mirtzapine sorry spelling


Have severe anxiety and severe insomnia. Info or advice.

On ambien now not working what do you use

thank you

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Sorry to hear about your insomnia & anxiety!! I have both & am empathetic!! As for insomnia I’m still working on it but sometimes it helps if I have a supplement with amino acids likel-theanine or gaba in it or teas with calming herbs!

Thank you for responding. Feel alone a lot with these disorders.

I’m sorry I know it’s tough to really find good help with them!!🌻☺️

Sorry for your suffering,I am on week 4 of taking sertraline and my anxiety and insomnia has gone worse I am constantly nauseous and can hardly eat I was advised by Dr to persevere with tablets but I feel worse now.I hope you have better results with your choice of medication and hope you soon start to feel better take care.

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