Has anyone been prescribed these pills?

I went to see my actual psychiatrist today, i didn't like the experience she was not really listening to me i feel good already and the coping techniques have been helpful

These pills have too many side effects the one that scares me most is that it will lower white blood cells and cause seizures.....

If anyone is or has been on this medication please share with me how you reacted to it thank you

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  • I've been on this drug at 15mg for 3 years and been fine. Blood tests all normal but have your cholesterol monitored as it can raise it slightly.

    I've been fine on it no issues.


  • Thank you i appreciate the information

  • These are one of the most effective antidepressants. Its dangerous to read too much into the small print rare side effects. The effect on WBCs is very rare in the data sheet it says "has been reported". Similalry the effect on seizures. Compare it with things you do each day without worrying about them - choking has been reported with eating, death with driving etc.

    Why not try them and see how you are with them

  • Is this the same as Wellbutrin? If it is, that's what I've started lately. It definitely made a huge difference for me the first few weeks. The last few days I've been struggling but I feel like it may be because I'm sick and about to start my cycle? I dunno if that helps.

  • I'm on it and I think it's great. It makes me feel sleepy right after I take it so it even helps me sleep!

  • Thanks i am feeling good without it though i am fighting it head on i have been improving

  • Well if you're feeling good without them then there's no reason you need to take them :)

  • Yeah thanks i will keep fighting

  • Fallluna i am not sure if it is i just read the bottle

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