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Feeling a little better !


I felt like shit pretty much last night, with the twitching and sleep anxiety,

it's currently 10:48 pm here in Tx, I'm laying down watching Tv (The Matrix)

Just trying to take my mind off of things, I'm not feeling anxious and I hope that these feelings don't come back,

I'll keep you guys updated .! I'll continue to think positive and keep my mind from negative thinking

I hope any of you dealing with anxiety have a good night,

Much love

- Tabuu

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All the luck to you ma brother

The fact that you are watching the greatest movie of all time THE MATRIX, should take care of a lot of things.

Lol, sorry, I am just kind of obsessed with the movie. Don't worry bro, U'll just be fine. You are the best man, you are good at it. Have a nice night bro...


Yeah man I love the Matrix bro that shit is so deep lol

I love movies like that

Same here. :)


One thing that keeps these sensations coming back is that thought: "I hope they don't come back." I had one symptom that was SO WEIRD. I would feel like, suddenly ill; didn't want to move, just wanted to lay down because my body would feel as if it was suddenly failing. I was convinced I had something wrong. But nothing ever happened. And when I STOPPED reacting, it went away!

Ask yourself this if these sensations return:

Will worrying help me at all in this? (Nope)

Is worrying beneficial physically or mentally? (Nope)

Has anything bad happened in the past from this? (Most likely Nope)

And then talk yourself through it. "I'm going to let myself feel this way. It's just anxiety. Nothing major. I don't like it but this is my body telling me it's too stressed. I'm not going to make it worse by panicking more."

If you have to, go through intervals. Five minutes without freaking out, ten minutes. Fifteen. Twenty. And just do it that way. I'll even talk to myself in really weird ways like, "this is no big deal. I'm just going to sit down, watch a show, and let me feel what I feel. It's okay, there's nothing wrong. This is just the effects of severe anxiety and my worrying is the ONLY thing causing it to persist."

Sending healing thoughts stay positive

Sending healing thoughts stay positive

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