Feeling much better

I swear I was another person last night but after managing to get water down me and a good sleep I feel good I didd lose it because so many things have been going wrong and being sick for days then I had a couple of good days only to be ill again so soon pushed me over the edge nearly.  I am sick but if I am careful i can keep it at bay for a while so I must start watching myself more and not to over indulge. Thanks for caring all I do appreciate it.


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  • WOW....that's wonderful.    I was worried about you last night.  It's

    like  you went from cloudy to sunny day.   Keep a watch on it please.

  • Being hit twice within a week with being dehydrated and probably drop in blood sugar thats the only thing I can think why I lost it plus not sleeping 

    Thanx for your concerns what do you think though can sugar levels and dehydration play with the mind ?

  • Sugar has been known to affect our minds from "sugar blues" to hyperstimulation (like the kids get/can't sit still)  yours was more

    like a big drop in sugar which made you feel overwhelmed and

    hopeless.  That's what was scary, I hadn't seen you like that before. But  it was cause for concern.  Dehydration would more likely play with your heart enzymes.  Who knows the combination of things you are

    dealing with cause you to really feel ill physically and emotionally.

    I'm glad that you are better.  

  • I am so very  very  pleased Dodo...From now on hope it will only go from strength to strength...Stay strong !!

  • Hi Dodo, I'm glad you have picked up and are feeling better x

  • I feel something is missing dont know what I know I need to eat and will try later. Going to get a few things in the store soon just hope my appetite picks up. Thanks all for kind reply.

  • Hi, I was right here when your message came in but the computer kept saying that HealthUnlocked wasn't responding.  You're probably at the store already.  Hope you get something good to eat that won't bother your throat. I'm glad you remembered you hadn't eaten.  You need the fuel my friend.  I understand when  you don't have an appetite, hopefully when you return you will have a little something.  Take care, so glad you are better.  I was starting to get anxious.  

  • Didn't go after and I been sick again everything i swallow about a minute later i get pain that makes me want to be sick to stop the pain. So fed up again haven't eaten tidy in a while I feel like I am winning all the timebut I seem to have a sore or ssomething in my esophagus fed up so fed up When will things get back to normal ?

  • Oh I'm sorry.  I was so happy when I thought you were going to get some food.   You need nourishment of some sort.  You are the best judge of it feeling different like a sore in the esophagus. It seems to have started with that spicy sausage.  It might have irritated it enough to cause a sore. OMG. 

  • Are you going to call the doctor to see what he thinks?  Things won't get back to normal until you can swallow again without pain or getting sick. 

  • I hope your son is there with you.   I don't know how you handle this alone.  I'm glad you have this forum although I don't know how much we can do with advice medically.  We can only support you emotionally which might be a big part of what is happening now.  You did mention there was a lot going on again. Maybe enough to cause the esophagus to get irritated?  Please take care, get some help so you can feel better.  Regards, Your Friend Agora 

  • So glad you are better. Was worried about you and thinking about you today! We all go through that every once in awhile. Especially when life gets overwhelming.

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