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Surgery tomorrow


Can some of you give me your experiences with being sedated before surgery, so I know what I’m getting myself into.

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Hello :-)

I am in the UK so not sure if you are and it works the same but here they give you a pre med which is just a strong Valium but makes you feel like you have had a couple of drinks and relaxed , this will help take any anxiety away :-)

Then when they take you down to theatre they pop the anaesthetic in to your hand they tell us to count to 10 , you usually get to 2 or 3 and know nothing till you wake up and you can't believe it is all over :-)

Enjoy it you will be anxiety free and a bonus no more pain :-)

Good Luck even though you won't need it you will be fine and posting telling us how it all went :-)

Take Care x

That really help I will let you know how it goes thanks again

I’m in USA btw

How do you feel about me getting surgery while I suffer from sleep apnea

Caronshuler, just make sure you tell the Anesthesiologist before

surgery. :) xx

Same as Agora1 says tell the Anaesthesiologist it should already be on your records but just check they have those details and don't worry , they are fantastic at their jobs they know exactly what they are doing they really do , you will be safe :-) x

Hi Caronshuler, lulu-1 is absolutely right in that you will feel sooo relaxxx :)

Actually, when I had it, I fell asleep and when I woke up the surgery was over.

Good Luck, Sweet Dreams, Enjoy the feeling :) xx

The last time I was sedated before surgery was when I had my wisdom teeth removed. They leaned me back in the dentist chair, put a regulator over my nose, I took a few breaths, closed my eyes and relaxed for what seemed like a matter of seconds, and when I opened my eyes again I was really surprised to find that the entire proceure was finished.

Hi! I've had multiple surgeries in the past year. Some, they knocked me out for, some they put me in a 'twilight state'. It's not that bad. I can't even remember the surgeries, except for crying because I was talking too much lol. It's just a very relaxed feeling. With my experience, I even completely blacked out.

I hope it goes well!

Thank you

I’ve been sedated twice. I had so much anxiety over it but it was actually really easy. I remember once they gave me the medicine through the I’ve? I said “the room is starting to move”, the anesthesiologist said “yeah, it works pretty fast” and that’s all I remember. The first time I woke up like I hadn’t even been put out, the second time I was more groggy and it took longer to feel normal again.

You’re going to have the BEST SLEEP EVER!!! I’ve had several surgeries. Try to not think too much about it. Surgery is Serious , I’m Sure you’ll be Fine. Write back when you’re feeling better to let us know how you are ? I’ll pray for you 🙏😷

It will be fine and I am in the USA. It does take effect quickly. It's remarkable and don't worry when you get your bill it will be obvious a anesthesiologist was monitoring you during the whole process. My embarrassing moment is when I woke up a small nurse with long black hair was walking out of the room which is exactly what my girlfriend looks like and what I said was very embarrassing once I was totally conscious and realized it was a nurse. I was the talk of the hall. LOL

Hi, absolutely nothing to worry about. I ve had four surgeries all with sedation only. You’ll either remember nothing at all or be able to talk depending on what the surgery is.

It’s delicious and you can always ask for more so please don’t feel anxious about it.

So much better than a general anaesthetic and no after effects x

Surgery was a success thanks everyone for the love and support 💯

Caron, I was holding your hand the whole time lol

You were in my thoughts for a successful surgery and experience. :) xx

Thank you soo much! I was nervous as hell but everything went good! Now I’m home relaxing in a little pain!

Ahhh you so deserve to relax. The pain is a good sign that you are on the

road to mending. Enjoy your evening. I'm so happy for you, I could hug you :) xx

Thank you again!

I had my knee surgery back in 2018 and I was SO scared! But the scariest part was them giving me the medication in my IV to make me “woozy” before they sent me back. It was absolutely horrible but once I got back to the surgery room everyone was nice and helped me out a lot. I let them know of my anxiety and they eased everything. But I had to keep telling myself I was gonna be okay... and I was!

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