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Blood in stool


I am again feeling super anxious. I have twice had fresh blood in my stool the last two evacuations.

I had a colonoscopy 5 months ago due to a positive FIT test and it came clean.

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Chicago22 in reply to Hidden

Jesus really way to scare people.

Chicago22 in reply to Hidden

Are you constipated?

munrapz in reply to Chicago22

I was constipated one day before the first event...

Maybe got some Harry styles

Careful now...don't want to gild the lily...may court deletion from the powers that be...😼

Kkimm in reply to mrmonk

Hi J

Nice to hear you are still around.

Hope all is going OK with you.

How is your writing going?


mrmonk in reply to Kkimm

Hi Kim,

No, sadly, not okay -- I don't really talk about it much because people are suffering a lot worse than me during the pandemic. Hence, my radio silence all these months. Plus, there's always so much to explain and all my explanations sputter and stall.

Basically, though, the threat of this virus has wrecked me mentally and physically, upended the sliver of stability I had established at the end of last year.

Though I've tried to maintain a presence on here, it's been difficult to focus on writing (I even struggle with distractions), but I continue to revise poems from the chapbook, and I did complete the rough draft of a new poem -- a bleak, brief piece of darkness that I wouldn't dare share with anyone here without a trigger warning.

Ah, well. Enough of my misery talk.

I hope you're keeping safe and well during the pandemic. How is your novel coming along?

Great song, brought a smile to my face.

We have to remove the stigma......and promote awareness

My first thought .... hemorrhoids. Or an internal tear.

Takes one to know one roxy you use the cream or the suppositories?

Oh Silly... I’ve had surgery, the worst and I mean the worst surgery you could ever imagine having. 😬😬😬😬😬

Mine got cancelled because of Covid tell bad .

Mine was Thrombosed. They put you upside down to do what ever it is they do, my internal organs were so sore after the surgery, the actual removal is aweful. Pain meds need to be strong.

It took me a few days to feel down there, I pissed on the couch with out knowing it. Stay on the pain meds round the clock, you’ll need it. I mean talk about all your shame thrown out the window.

😬....Jesus Christmas.......thrombosed piles sound painful....what’s with the downward dog upside down stuff???.....mine are just bog standard ones apparently I lie down think of England ....she has a little rummage around and thanks for passing on your experience....bummer about the couch thing

Jesus is correct... but I think I screamed many four letter cuss words that starts with f.

I think they want to look down perhaps pry you open quite a bit and they also insert a scope or to make sure if you have more they get them all. I had 2 more they thought were going to problems and cut and stitched.

That was a 10,000 butt surgery covered by insurance but expensive to see the total bill. But I’ve not had one problem since then.

We’ve got a forum song on the help someone on here goes like this ....

OmG this made my day. I probably could have written this song myself.

May help our poster he’s had a recent one so I’m sure there’s no should join dolphin and me on the I.b.s site for virtual coffee morning

I will pop on over there. 👍👍

You’ve got a lot to share may help someone.....maybe not mention the couch again 😂

Are you guys on a specific thread?

I’ll actually look through these and see if I help out... yeah the couch thing was terrible. 😂😂😂

Not yet we are thinking about joining .......dolphins been using the suppositories she said ...good reviews ....I’m not sure might just wait for surgery

Suppositories work well. Double up and use the ointment too.

Thanks for the advice......any hummingbirds sightings today

Yes... and I just got back from the store with a new feeder as the one I had needed an upgrade.

My house is very popular for hummingbird chases.

Post a picture sometime please .......we don’t have them here

Your wish can be granted. 😊

Thank you 🙏

I see still cracking the jokes on here pun

so funny!

Got to make the best of a bad you have I .b.s sunny?


Oh im sorry if u were serious. I didnt mean to make fun.

Yeah I started a campaign on Facebook a few years ago now called #stopdashitz


Hi I have had the op too. Just hold on to the sink when having a poo lol as very painful. The op isn’t nice but have to say that my tonsil op was far worse.... good luck x

Thanks sally...😊

So munrapz did u got for another round of checks of your blood in stool?

munrapz in reply to mondlee6248

No, I have not been to the doctor... kind of trying to wait if "it goes away"

mondlee6248 in reply to munrapz

Subsequently did it go away?i do have blood in stool on and off as well, I don’t know what happen too

mondlee6248 in reply to munrapz

So eventually did it goes away? Lol

munrapz in reply to mondlee6248

sorry to reply until today... thankfully I have had a lot of work. Yes,everything went away after three days and I think it was hemorroids. Have been eating healthy and the improvement has been substantial.

Hello! I’m not an expert on this by any means, but about 6 months ago I experienced the same thing and was extremely panicked. I made a doctors appointment straight away and my doctor checked me over and said it was caused by a tear and I needed to eat more fibre. She said it could be related to stress also. Try not to be anxious, from what my doctor said this is quite common. I would get checked out for your own peace of mind! Hope you feel better

You should see a doctor for Hemmoroids...


To help reassure you, fresh blood in the stool is not a sign of anything sinister. I know that in the UK when stool sample is taken routinely for older people they never recall stool samples with fresh blood only what is called occult blood which you cannot see.

Very best wishes.


munrapz in reply to Kkimm

Thanks, I want to think it is what you, and some other in this forum say... it is quite reassuring to see your messages... thanks!

Don't worry .fresh blood is usually piles or a torn anus .

Be assured that you are fine seeing you had a colonoscopy and found everything to be good. However if the blood is bright red its probably hemmroids, they do bleed. Nothing to worry about. Also you may see bright red blood on the toilet paper after wiping.

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