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Blood in poo

Hi all

I don't mean for this to sound disgusting. I do apologize.

I went for a poop earlier and noticed a small amount of blood in it whilst doing my "check". It was a rather large poop and I had to force abit to get it out. I've had another smaller one about 5 mins ago and didn't notice any blood in ot then. I've a side pains and a sore back for a few weeks but I belive this to be the way I sleep. I've also got a bit of stomach ache now but think that could be down to my aniexty now going into overtime from my blood poop. I'm 32 btw.


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Hi re post this on IBS forum. You will get appropriate answers there.


I would go and see a doctor just to be safe but it could just be that you strained too much as you mention other symptoms they could be due to anxiety or they could be signs you need to see a doctor. If your from the UK then you could go to urgent care centre if the pains get really bad tonight.


Hi, try not to panic. What colour was the blood? Bright red or dark red? Bright red is fresh blood so could indicate piles or a slight tear due to the force you say you used......


I'd say it was a light/bright red colour. Wasn't a dark red


You've more than likely just strained a little.


If your blood is bright red, that could mean that it's more fresh and coming from the rectum. Now if your blood is a darker red or even black tarry color, it's not as fresh and may be coming from your stomach or GI tract. That's when you worry.. sounds like you are just experiencing anal fischer which is just a tear of the rectum. Try to relax and not strain yourself so much. Ive been through the same thing. It will pass. I'm sorry if this post was over informative. Lol you can always private message me if it gets too personal!

Take care! xx


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