Head pressure? Anxiety? Eyes feel "full"

Man I really feel like I could kick this anxiety! But I can't kick this weird head sensation! Like the sides of my head feel like they have a lot of pressure... slight headache? Feel a little off balance maybe? Also feel like I could use a really good nap 😴 lol

Do y'all experience this feeling? A lot of the time this feeling is what brings on anxiety for me.... I really feel like if this would go away I could kick this anxiety!


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  • I always seem to feel a little light headed.. Like my blood pressure is low before I get my anxiety attack. I feel like I am going to pass out then start freaking out. I feel your pain!!! This anxiety crap stinks!!!! Isn't funny how we were ok for years than BAM!!! We deal with it for years?!?!

  • Yes ugh! It stinks! Feels like I'm just walking around in a fog like I'm on drugs or something...

  • Am the same fells like a spaced put my head with it makes u fell tired mines is on my left side just feels like someone is crushing ma head and also hot sore head xxxxx

  • So true!

  • I feel this all day every day. Sometimes followed by numb tingly sensations. I put glasses on and sometimes helps with my eyes, but also neck nerves by popping your neck I notice

  • Hi I feel ur pain I normally have that sensation and light headless too, but I woke to full on tinnitus ringing in my right ear and vertigo I swear I thought I was dying my sister a nurse came gave me a tablet and I was not as dizzy and ear ringing stopped after about 3 hours, this was 2 days ago,but this left my right cheek behind my eyes and ears and nose feel like they are full hard to explain but like pressure, my eye is also twitching or feels weird so now my anxiety is full on today,I'm scared shaking feel like I'm going to drop off I'm so sick of feeling this bad, if I didn't have sinus problems I'd like to think my anxiety would be better, but who knows something else could trigger it, I wish u well hope u do kick ur anxiety

  • Yes, I get head pressure too and feel light headed at the same time usually. It's usually in the back of my head but today (out of nowhere) it feels like pressure on the top and sides of my head too and I feel very light headed. This sucks!

  • Yes it does! Ugh. Does yours come even when your not anxious?

  • @sunshine002 that's exactly what's happening right now! I was feeling great this morning, not anxious at all and boom started getting the pressure and light headedness sensations out of nowhere. I don't understand why it happens and honestly it really freaks me out.

  • I don't either. I told my dr if I didn't have these symptoms I probably wouldn't have anixiety! That's why I don't think it's anxiety alone lol! If that makes sense

  • It totally makes sense. What did your dr say about it? When I first started getting these symptoms I had a full physical and blood work done and everything came back fine.

  • Same. Everything with my blood work was really good. He says anxiety and stress. Tried to put me on anti depressants to help... but I've found I'm pretty sensitive to meds... so I don't take that stuff. So hes suggested cognitive behavioral therapy. I've went twice so far

  • I was very anxious and stressed this weekend. I wonder if it's just hitting me now.

  • Might be! I have two small children. I think that's most of my stress lol

  • Hi

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