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Am i selfish/self centered?


I know i post a lotttt on here and ask for reassurance a ton in really life. Does this make me what I said in the title of this? Is it bad i ask others for help, but when they ask me i try the best i can but cant help as,much as I like with my crappy mental state?

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Selfish self centered people never ask if they are selfish and or self centered. They just are and you can usually point these out fairly quickly.

So no you aren’t. You might not can help people due to the lack of focus and concentration. You speak a lot about not feeling certain ways, hard to empathize with others when your depression and anxiety is winning. You’ll get better, give it time.

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Been there & all the crazy symptoms, there is a small book that I continue to post because it gave me relief from anxiety & all its fears.

At Last a Life , by Paul David. Over 15 years later it’s still by my bedside. I can’t remember how I found it but back then I had to order it from the U. K.

This little book took all the fear from my years of anxiety by explaining then away !!

Anyone reading this is welcome to letting me know your results. For those who think you will never get done with anxiety, my unused Xanax has turned to powder !!

Victor —

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