Am i Coping ?

i was diagnosed with anxiety in December when i had a "mental break down" i was permanently having these fight or flight feelings bad thoughts etc its taken me till now to kinda adjust to it, but now im terrified of getting that bad again as i was really bad, i had the "im going mental" feeling.

im now on medication for anxiety, depression, heart racing and also sleeping tablets. iv had hypnotherapy and to help me cope, some days i feel ok but most days i feel like i dont want to live like this. i have constant hot flushes, racing heart, bad thoughts and tiredness, id like to think im coping but im still confused and dont know what path im actually on. it scares the hell out of me..... is there anything else that can help me feel "bit normal". im on waiting list for CBT.


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  • Hi you describe most of us on here I was like that from January this year and I am only calming down now with the help of this site ,CBT and pure bloody hard work.

  • I feel like im constantly struggling, im only 22 and most people my age havent even heard of the word anxiety... i feel better but still feel like im going crazy :(

  • Its very common since I got it its amazed me how many people I know have it you will get better just takes time and a lot of hard work

  • I hope so its so hard to think positive but i have too for my sons sake.. thank you

  • It is hard its an everyday battle but one we all have to win x

  • hi sammyjoo, i feel like life is bad right now but when i look back i can see the progress ive bad. thry and keep a diary of your progress so you can see it in black and white. i think we are all scared of going backwards, my experience has been up and down for years but im getting wiser as i get older, sam x

  • Hiya sammyjo, I can relate to you, as can most people on here, I have Anxiety for years and sometimes still have moments where I feel like I'm gong crazy, think we just have to take small steps to get through it! I too have a little girl so I need to be strong for her but that's alot easier said than done, I so far haven't managed it and I know I must for her! Here if you need to chat x

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