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Morning anxiety is the worst

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I find it odd that my worst anxiety attacks are in the morning they wake me up with a burning face wet through with sweat and constantly burning and shaking can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong I absolutely hate this just wanna go back to how I was 2 weeks ago We need a break here xx

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Dear Nat how I wish we could go back to carefree happy days,I have been on a downhill slope now for over 18 months now.What was the depression and occasional anxiety has now become a living hell I get maybe 3/4 hours sleep before the stomach starts churning then the trembling starts and then the non stop crying,I have now developed such panic attacks I feel I can’t breathe and have to go and sit outside for a while.Icant take medication because of other health conditions and this 5 months lock in has been just enough to push me to the limits,I know you are now on medication so hopefully it will kick in and you will start to feel better soon so keep that in mind take care dear friend and stay safe xx

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Natsteveo in reply to mydogs

Hi sweetie I been waiting for you to appear it’s like every morning isn’t it my anxiety is high...I’ve been on meds for 20+ years but about like 2 months ago I was trying to ween off them to see if I could but the withdrawals are absolutely horrible so my dr thinks my trauma is also side effects he said venlafaxine I’m on is chronic to come off the side effects are horrific so I’ve been taking 1full tablets a day and and I’m on half at night they are working but it’s morning im having trouble with come the afternoon I’m chilled out it’s madness

Wish I lived near you so I could give you a massive hug 🤗 xxx

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Cajswansea in reply to mydogs

Sorry you are still going through this. The night time’s are the worst for me. I lie awake in bed, broken sleep, strange dreams.

Like you I wish I could go back to the person I was two weeks ago. I’ve made myself so ill from worrying about a disease I might not even have. How do I get out of this hell? The lack of food and sleep is destroying me. I just want to be there for my family.

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Natsteveo in reply to Cajswansea

Morning Amy I have had some really strange dreams my husband says I’m making funny noises in my sleep like I’m crying and it upsets him .. I’m entirely with you on that about worrying about something I don’t have it’s overwhelming and just takes over you doesn’t it we have no control over it and I find that a huge problem that I have no control over it

Nat xx

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Cajswansea in reply to Natsteveo

It’s completely overwhelming and getting to the point where it’s taking over my life these past two weeks. I really don’t want to spend the whole summer feeling like this. I’ve been thinking about buying a weighted blanket as I’ve heard they can help with anxiety and insomnia. Have you heard of these? The quickest I can get one is by monday but I want it now! lol. I’m willing to try anything at this point

Amy xx

Hi there, let me know if you get that blanket and from where .

Let’s hope that works for you so I can try it too.

Morning anxiety are the worst

Oh Nat. Sending you a big hug. Try not to fret as I think all of the grief that you have suffered is trying to work itself out of you. I managed to get to sleep last night at 12.30am only to wake twice burning hot and anxious with that bad feeling upon me too. I gave up at 3.30am.

I am exhausted but can’t settle, heart racing too like you.

Are you eating? As if you’re not eating good your blood sugar can dip down in the night and that will also give you that shaky feeling.

Try to be kind to yourself dear Nat. Let the grief out as having a good cry is a release.

On the days that I don’t cry I really struggle to sleep. On my tearful days I manage to get some form of sleep.

Praying for you and your family Nat. Sandie x

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Natsteveo in reply to SpinalPain

Hi sweetie

Thanks so much again for your support

No today is the first time I’ve actually eaten proper I’ve hardly eaten anything all week so I am understanding that

Thanks 😊

Nat xx

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SpinalPain in reply to Natsteveo

Hi Nat, I am so hoping that you may have slept a little better after managing to eat a little more. I have had scrambled egg with chopped spring onion and cheese On toast this morning. I made a conscious effort in actually cooking something which is easy and nutritious so that I will have some energy today. I haven’t cooked anything for months. Last night I managed a sandwich at 11pm and although I woke twice again First at 3am then again at 4am and I actually managed to go back to sleep after my 4am wake up until 5.45am. So I managed a little more sleep than of late. I am still very anxious without my beloved hubby. Every thing just feels wrong it’s like I keep expecting to wake up to realise this is just one big nightmare. I keep expecting him to come back home from being away with work. There is a massive big black void at my feet and I just cannot cross past it. Sorry I am on a struggle day honey. I will have to find something to do to stop me from going over everything in my mind. I am going to sort through my arts and craft cupboard today and pass on some of my crafts that I no longer do to a workshop. Take good care of yourself Nat and I hope that you have a better day today. Sandie x

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Natsteveo in reply to SpinalPain

I am so sorry I’ve just seen this I’ve inboxed you sandie xx

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SpinalPain in reply to Natsteveo

Hi Nat,

Thank you for your msg. xxx

Hi Nat, I'm so sorry you've been feeling this way. I have alot of bad dreams too. I hope it gets better for you.

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Natsteveo in reply to Kat_21

Me too and for you also

Nat xx

Hi hun,

It’s horrible isn’t it... where has all this come from? The past few days I’ve been having aches in my left arm and then find that my chest is feeling funny or very uncomfortable then I think am I having a heart attack... scared to even tell my husband I dread to think what’s actually happening to me.

Anxiety that is the fear of dread is overwhelming..I also get aches and pains and think the worst it’s a complete nightmare no matter what the slightest pain we automatically think it’s something serious that’s our fight or flight I suppose

How are you feeling now xx


Anxiety can make you physically feel awful. I get the most anxiety in the morning. Lasts for hours. It's dreadful. I'm not really sure what to do about it? Maybe get into a healthy routine to take your mind away from the anxiety.

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