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Ivabradine. Please help


So, I've been prescribed Ivabradine 5mg for inappropriate sinus tachycardia. But I am so anxious about starting with this drug. I read so many side effects and so scared to start. What if I'm allergic or can't breath or pass out or develop arterial fibrillation. My head is spinning. I've had the pills for a week now, can't get myself to drink it.

Could really help to hear from you who have been on Ivabradine. I can't take beta blockers because my blood pressure is normal. Dr say I have autonomic dysfunction.

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Sounds exactly like my story, I was on them for a year with no side effects, they worked really really well for me when others didn’t :)

R_dR in reply to Ellenb1994

Thank you, that's very reassuring. I've started them this morning and I feel really spaced out. Other than that, I'm happy with the result in reducing my heart rate

I've been on ivabradine for a week now. My average heart rate now is 75 bpm. It went down by more than 20bmp. I am not that tired anymore, get alot more done in a day. Not sure how that works, maybe your body get exhausted because of your heart working overtime. I feel a lot more relaxed also

Hi :)

I am currently on bisoprolol 5mg for about 1 year. I’ve been offered Ivabradine to combat the tiredness and disturbed sleep I get from the beta blockers.

I have been diagnosed with IST and like you I am scared to take the Ivabradine in fear it makes matters worse.

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