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i am feeling so lost and alone

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i have had anxiey /depresion on and off for along time but at the moment it feels like the worse time ever i feel so alone and that i cant talk to anyone i feel like a big ball of mess and its never going to get better - is there light at the end of the tunnel

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There is always light at the end of the tunnel sweetheart, and I think we tend to think every time is the worst time time. You can talk on here and you will get good sound advice. It will get easier. Try to find the trigger for this episode if you can and unravel that big ball of mess slowly and with help on here. I am sure you will feel better soon : ) . It won't be as messy as you think and someone will have the same things in common with you. I will come back later and see how you go on Take care xxxx

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missingme in reply to ellabella

thank you just when your in that darkest place you just need a hint of light

Yes if you've had it a long time you'll know you have bad times but there's good days too only they seemed to get ruined as soon as you think to yourself I'm having a good day today as ellabella says try and find the thing that set them off the trigger it could be a certain food or a memory that pops in there I get anxiety and sometimes if I'm lucky I don't get depression I've had it a long time cos I didn't get help .and you may think your alone dealing with it but your not we cant physically be there with you but we're with you just the same your on this site now and your a mate and we'll keep an eye out for you .......you take care.....Mel

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thank you i have managed to whip myself up into this ball of mess and i need to try and step back and not take on the worries of the world.

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Melgil58 in reply to missingme

Hi I told you we'ed keep an eye out for you a few deep breaths and a bit of your favourite music or get some sleep and as for the world it can cope without us worrying about it take problems one at a time ...... You take care ...Mel

you can always talk to us in here, we are sufferers and i might help to say what to feel and try to discuss it, sunday i was feeling awful and people in here made me feel better, we all worry about each other and try to give the best advice.

cheer up love, light always beat the dark and smile always beat the sadness



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Hi missingme. YOU ARE NOT ALONE as you have seen by the replies you have had. Sharing your thoughts and worries is good therapy and this site is designed for just that. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it seems we have to go through the tunnel to get to the light and, at times, the tunnel can seem very dark. My old councellor used to say that you are not having a "breakdown" but a "breakthrough". It may not seem true to you at the moment but you will emerge from this a better person. This is shown by the compassion shown by the writers on this site. Most of them (including me) suffer in one way or another but we all want to help fellow sufferers learn from our experiences. So, I repeat, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Thousands suffer in the way you do. It will pass but it takes time. Good luck and keep your pecker up. jonathan.

Im in the same situation because off work as a nurse which is made harder by the stress im under. How arre you feeling at the moment! I dont feel i can burden people with what im feeling

i just feel that i cant talk to anyone as it feels like i am whinning and people have enough on their plate. i have been off work for a couple of weeks and due to go back on monday but i am just getting more uptight and stressed about going back

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