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Hello Northwick here - I am not alone any more!

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I wondered whether I was the only one in the world to feel so miserable and desperate sometimes.

It is of some consolation that I am not the only one and there are people out there a lot worse off than me. These headaches and numbness in my ears are not just affecting me!!

My misery came late in life after losing my beloved dad and then damaging my back which made me immobile for while. I am still recovering from a major back op and cannot walk very far. This awful weather does not help people like us!!!

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Hi Northwick

Yep, here we all are!

We're all here for different reasons but we suffer from the same thing.

Keep us posted with how you;re getting on :)

Aurora (^-^)

Hey Northwick welcome to the site, as Aurora has said we are all here and yes for different reasons, and the funny thing about this is I think you live about 20mins away from me :P

Hope your feeling good 2day.


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Hello Northwick,you will never feel alone on this site,it,s good Trip might not live far from you.

Yes,you are not the only one who feels like how you do.

Thank you - I still need to get used this - I have never blogged in my life


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Me neither,did not even know what a blog was till I found this wonderful site!

What is more difficult for me to cope with at the moment is that because I had a back op I cannot do many things that I did before. Things that are taken for granted which involve bending etc. This adds to the general cloud hanging over me, worrying that my wife will not be able to do these things.

None of this makes one really feel any better, aprt from the fact that is very difficult to drive mad those nearest and dearest to you.

No one knows how this feels unless the've been through it!!!

Well hey ho!! - There are many a lot worse off than and I should feel guilty about moaning over my lot. I shall carry on taking the pills

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