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Don’t know what to title this. Feeling helpless.

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I’ve accepted that I will never get better. So no point fighting it. I’ve tried the whole “exercise will make you better, it’s better than any tablets or therapy” NO ITS NOT. increased heart rate and heavy breathing just make me feel even more anxious so there is no way out of this mess!!!!

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Sandy I think the title is perfect. We've all been there in feeling "Helpless" in

this situation. I think it's more difficult when it's Health Anxiety that we are

struggling with. We may do the right things in bringing down our anxiety but

then the normal physical reactions to exercising take over and we are back to

square one. Increased heart rate and heavy breathing during and after exercising

is a normal response. It's just like the opposite response that people get who are

afraid to take medication. We take a pill we are already afraid of, it does it's job

in relaxing and calming us, only to put us into high anxiety because we don't like

the feeling we experience on medication.

It definitely a vicious cycle that needs to be broken so we can take that step forward.

Sandy- I am exactly the same. Vicious cycle. Try to exercise to feel better then get anxious feeling heart beating fast in response to exercise. I hate it too. Convinced I will never feel better. It's been 27yrs of anxiety for me

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I feel for you Anxiouslisa 27yrs is a long time to suffer. Do you take meds?

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Yes. I used to be on celexa and am now on lexapro. It started post partum and never truly went away. Was good for a long time but this year has been rough. Empty nester now. I work full time and am fully functional but just always have underlying anxiety and focus on health problems

Try some yoga.

Hi Sandy, have you tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? I felt exactly the same for almost 2 years but with several months of CBT and being on propranolol and Citalopram for about a year, I’m now symptom free and not on any tablets.

It takes time but you will get there! Keep going

I’m starting on Monday. I don’t understand how someone else telling me what I know will help. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude to have.

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