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I don’t know what to do anymore :( please help

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So overall I have had over 25 ecgs. Easily. Along with multiple doctors listen to heart etc. And one full physical with echos and stress and all of that stuff. EVERYTIME IT COMES BACK FINE. my last one was about 2 months ago I’d say. I am not getting any better. All day at work I sit and think I’m dying. My breathing isn’t great feels very laboured and as if it is coming from the chest. Along with that my left hand / arm throbs/pulsates all day long. If I sit down and pay attention to it, I can feel it as if the blood is pumping through it. I think I could possibly have carpal tunnel as I sleep with my left hand tensed but I can’t believe it’s that it feels very dangerous what is going on. I just am not living anymore. Nothing helps. Last night I thought I was dead, but I slept through like a baby and the second my eyes open it’s back to square one and convinced I am dying. I’m at work now, feeling horrific. Say in my car sobbing before as I just can’t take this much longer. If anyone could explain what is going on It would be greatly appreciated. Also, my blood pressure is always Fantatsic so again it’s not adding up. Please help :(

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Your body is in a constant cycle of adrenaline. Your doctor's have told you you are okay and I suggest you believe them because they are correct. Anxiety makes you feel like all these symptoms you have are real or.life threating when really it's just your mind tricking you. Your breathing comes from constant hyperventilating, which you can do without noticing. I was at my worst 5 months ago and I'm still alive. I still have the bad breathing habits from them so I hyperventilate by accident without realizing it all the time and it scares me too. I just have to remind myself these feelings are not life threatening and will go away. My advice to you is find a good psychiatrist that will put you on the path to recovery and to also check out Dr Claire Weekes' books and recordings of her on YouTube. I thought I would never get better, and even though I still have my difficulties I get better every day. You can do this and this forum is full of people who want to see you get better and will cheer with you when you learn to manage your illness like we all must. Cheers

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Sandy1710 in reply to treyjeff

I’ve watched all this and more but the problem persists.

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treyjeff in reply to Sandy1710

Check out the Anxiety Guy on YouTube

Hi Sandy. You know what Im going to say don't you? Try accepting that you have anxiety and that all the symptoms persist because you are afraid of them. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are doing this to yourself and you have the power to change your behaviour towards those symptoms and lose your fear of them.

I was in the same position for 3 years told it was all in my head. It turns out I had an overactive thyroid later confirmed as Graves’ disease which is an autoimmune disorder. Have you had blood tests to rule out thyroid or B12 deficiency?

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Minnie87 in reply to Karen321

I’m so glad someone has said this.

Doctors are always so quick to diagnose anxiety.my doctor won’t do anymore tests.even though I’m getting worse and worse and now barely move off the sofa.

I’ve had physical anxiety before but never like this and these awful symptoms but they won’t do anymore x

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Sandy1710 in reply to Karen321

I’ve had all this checked and all come back fine! Amazes me.

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