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Short of breath


Does anyone else suffer from shortness of breath all the time? Im cautious of every breath i take and i need to always take that ‘deep breath’ but sometimes i cant, i do deep breathing but nothing helps

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I've had this for a while now and have been told by my drs that it's basically stress/anxiety caused by tension. It's probably best to just get it checked out and see if there's anything that will help the symptoms. Hope that it passes soon for you.

Lucky253 in reply to Reb1

Thank you, is there anything you find that helps it? I feel like i cant breathe all the time

Reb1 in reply to Lucky253

It might seem silly, but for me, my fear is that I'm not getting enough air in. So, I've got a little oximeter that basically measures how much oxygen is in your blood. It might help to just see the reading that you're getting enough air and breathing normally. I've also cut out any caffeine which is helpful. It was difficult in the mornings at first, but I've found that helps with feeling calmer.

Lucky253 in reply to Reb1

That is my fear also, that would be quite helpful! I cut out caffeine too, it has helped a little but not so much

Reb1 in reply to Lucky253

I just got mine from amazon. Hopefully when you see the measure is all fine, it'll help. It can be pretty scary to feel shortness of breath that often. Hope it helps :-)

Lucky253 in reply to Reb1

It is very scary! Thank you so much

Me I just left er about it sucks the deep breathing doesn’t help to me at all it makes it worse for me

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! Hope your ok, Yeah i find it makes it worse for me too!

Yes it scary I don’t want to faint or anything

I feel like this too, its really scary! I've had this symptom for a while now but just seems to be getting worse, are you on any meds for your anxiety?

Hydroxyzine and sertraline

How long have you been on these? Im thinking of starting sertraline but scared of side effects?

Honestly I Was diagnosed with it 3 months ago I’ve never started taking it because I’m scared of the side effects all meds have side effects and that doesn’t mean it will happen to us . But I’m scared ima over think the pill and I don’t wanna feel a zombie I want to take it so bad cus I feel like that’s my last option but I’m just scared

An google has made me even more scared

So you aren't taking anything as of yet? Thats exactly like me! I overthink everything! Im super scared of the side effects too! Do you mind me asking what symptoms you experience with your anxiety? I have a list as long as my arm

Lucky253 in reply to Lucky253

Yeah google is my worst enemy!!

I experienced every symptom accept passing out and no I’m not taking any

Hi have you ever tried alternative medicine?

Lucky253 in reply to johnmisir

No i haven't tried anything

johnmisir in reply to Lucky253

You should try . Reiki or healing method

I have generalized anxiety disorder and health anxiety. This is a symptom I get over and over for days weeks or months at a time, it seems depending on how much I focus on it. I don’t think I get this symptom while on Lexapro, and it is sometimes debilitating. It seems impossible it is related to anxiety each time and I forget how bad it is compared to the last. Somehow, it always goes away eventually. A theory I have is it is related to hyperventilation syndrome or dysfunctional breathing if you look those up, there are some breathing method suggestions. It seems to me that going through periods of anxiety and over breathing may cause although sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere. Just offering my two cents - hope it is helpful. I have many different symptoms from anxiety - often unexplained and this is one of the hardest. Everything I read about symptoms from anxiety seems to be accept it, and try to move with it and try to kind of let it go from your mind and keep on living life. Good luck - lots of people going through similar situations !

Lucky253 in reply to Cromball

Thank you for your reply! I have had this for about 2 years now consistently, i just cant seem to stop thinking about it, I'm my own worst enemy at times! Sometimes it ok and doesn't bother me as much as others but there at times where i feel like i literally cant breath, i know it is just anxiety due to the amount of time I've had it and nothing has happened to me but it is just so scary!

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