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Shortness of breath


Any help how to stop shortness of breath? I feel like I need to take a deep breath every 1 min and I cant

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I do this all the time finally someone that has this even tho I an sorry you have it if you get me... Its definetley anxiety I've had ct scans and everything on my lungs I even mentioned to a doctor at the hospital didn't seem concerned 9out if 10times I can't take a deep breath even when I'm really calm deffo anxiety tho :) I don't know what will help tho mines constant from morning to night nothing helps sometimes deep breaths do but I avoid deep breaths becHse my heart skips beats but should work for you :) hope this helps

Do your heart skip a beat when u take a deep breath?

Yes a lot of times does urs?

Yes it has happen before to me when i try to take deep breaths wow this anxiety has horrible symptoms

maybe you have sinus arrhythmia like me which can do this I think...

I do have sinus

You have sinus arrhythmia to?

I dnt knw if its arrhythmia but i do have very bad sinus and allergies

What do you mean and yes same always have a cold

I had Lung Cancer in 2009 so I have S.O.B. Fairly often. Deep breathing exercises and inhalers help me a lot with breathing. Look up Pursed Lip Breathing. Hope that will help at least a little bit. I have C.O.P.D. Not being able to breath can be very scary.

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