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Trying not to be so lazy today


Now I’m doing a healthy salmon salad With new potatoes. I haven’t been doing anything that takes a lot of trouble been so lazy on and off, so have often cheated by getting the marks and Spencer’s ready meal, which are just as good I tell myself 😊 blueberries with ice cream after. I’ve got dairy and non dairy ice cream, I get the non dairy sometimes because it can have a Little less fat etc .

Have Had a couple of moments but trying to ignore it and get on. I thought about going for a walk later but now it’s raining a bit, might not last long hopefully. Hope everyone’s ok xx

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M&S, like your style.

Still waiting for my sandwich to come through, it won’t be much longer will it I’m starving.

Laniben in reply to Jaxs050783

🙄😊 Sorry Lol

Laniben in reply to Jaxs050783

Yes M & S have some great meals if you can’t be bothered to cook 😊

Hidden in reply to Laniben

But isn’t it such a damned nuisance getting them out of the freezer? 😂😂

Laniben in reply to Hidden

I know It’s a right pain lol


So pleased you are enjoying cooking and food again.

I have just had a nice walk along a river and we are off out for an Indian meal tonight.We walk there by a field footpath at the bottom of our garden.We will share a bottle of wine with the meal which will be great. Do you have a drink occasionally. I was told by my doc that this is fine.

Best wishes


Laniben in reply to Kkimm

I set out for a walk and it’s started raining and I didn’t have a jacket so came home, yes I did enjoy my meals today, have to admit though that cooking isnt my favourite pastime 😊

No I can’t drink so have a glass for me Kim. That must be a lovely place to walk. Sam

Soon to be divorced I’ll check it out

Hi, good on you, i must say its not easy to cook for oneself, however i have found it is one of the small things i can do, that and showering and getting dressed! Even if i do nothing else.

Take care 😘

i have to get back in to cooking i used to enjoy it used to walk alot too. must get back in to all these things the salmon salad with potatoes sounds amazing. i buy the non dairy ice cream too but it definitely isn't as good as the real stuff LOL!!

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