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Anyone else scared of death but all they think about is death....... drives me crazy feeling like there’s no purpose in life but scared about death - am I going crazy?

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I know lots of people feel like this but I say whats the point in worrying about the inevitable its better to enjoy life as much as possible look back on it and be satisfied.

Just really hard at times

Don't think you are going crazy but it is a really difficult situation to find yourself in.

This post might help


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That was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing what worked for you!

Yes, It doesn`t help that every time I turn on the tv I see adverts for funeral plans. Death is being shoved down our throats everywhere we look!

Yeah; every day.

Don't think its unusual for intelligent people to ponder over life and death and the meaning of it all

Several years ago my Dad died. I turned 50. I found out I had kidney disease. Both of my aging dogs had lots of medical issues and have since died. My health seemed to be deteriorating. Several of my friends came down with chronic end stage cancers and have since passed. It was election year and everyone was really negative calling each other stupid and bigots. I crashed. I was so anxiety ridden and thought constantly about death and gloom and doom. It was horrible.

I started reading Ekhart Tolle- The Power of Now, doing yoga, praying more, listening to sleep hypnosis (Thomas Hall- Sleep Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression on YouTube), listening to motivational speakers and neuroscientists on how the brain functions. All of these things pointed basically in the same direction. Focus on now. On the blessings in your life. Take each day for what it offers. Even in the worst of situations, there are small things to be grateful for. If you've ever watched videos of children in 3rd world countries who have to treck miles a day to get water, you'll still find them laughing on occasion. Also, I tried to stop watching tv and news that was negative as what goes in, comes out. Not always easy in this society that loves negativity.

I started noticing people around me that were blind, deaf, disabled who were doing positive things with their lives and living and laughing and living and living. We are all going to die someday, there's no getting around it, but today we live. I'm not saying that I don't have anxiety from time to time. That's how I'm wired and will always be my battle in this life, but once I started focusing on the blessing I had in my life and repeating mantras like "I am strong, I am a relaxed person, I am happy, I am capable," I started believing it. It didn't happen overnight and it was a lot of work, but now I'm really happy. Now, when negative thoughts come in, I'm able to change my thought pattern to something more positive.

You can do this. You are powerful, you are beautiful, life is full of wonder and excitement. You are not alone in your struggles.

Wow !!! Thankyou so very much xxx


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