Bad night 😭

Never slept anxiety terrible this morning feel like I'm drowning in its to major things to do my daughter needs me to wait on this afternoon to wait for a god the thought of leaving the house and driving to hers 😳 scares me.out tonight friends picking me up only 2 hours I will be out in company but hard pretending you are ok when you feel like this .sorry to moan x


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  • Hi I no how you are feeling. Work up the same tight chest thinking about the things I've got to do today. Wish I could stop over thinking things. Already planning to cancel one of them. But have managed to get to work. It's so horrible

  • Hi cas it is a lonely journey suffering from anxiety people have no concept of how debilitating it can be .im on holiday this week and going in to work is a massive struggle I feel your pain and frustration in your posts.i joined this site in September and the support and advice has been going to follow you so if you need a moan I'm here.i don't enjoy much know had a stroke I'm ok just slower but I've had anxiety for 8 years and know its horrible.acceptance is the key seeing a pyhcologist and she said you can't always cure it but learn to live with it .big hugs I'm thinking of u don't avoid stuff,I'm a fine one as I want to cancel my friends tonight but I can' is waiting for us again 🤗🤗xxx

  • Having a phone call today with a therapist. I will message you later when I'm home and got my glasses lol

  • 🤗 xxx

  • That drowning feeling is so awful. Just a thought: If the thought of driving to your daughter’s is hardest, would it be possible for someone to take you there, or even the night before before package arrives?

    Sometimes figuring out what part causes the most anxiety (for example, the traveling by yourself) and then working around that/finding help with that part might make the rest of the task easier.

    Also give yourself some credit. Since I’ve read your posts, you’re going out and doing stuff even though it’s really hard. That takes a lot of guts, especially with the kind of anxiety you describe (that kind of anxiety that usually stops people from doing anything!)

    Do you talk to anyone like a therapist? They can help break these types of triggering situations down into easier to manage bits that then you can maybe even find supportive services for (like transportation services, which shouldn’t be hard given the stroke history).

    Hope by the time you read this that you feel a little better 🙏🏼 I’m too familiar with this type of anxiety, and hope that something brings you comfort. For me sometimes it’s a funny show/movie on my own or just spending time with my dog.

  • Thanks jane got to drive this afternoon so I'm taking my dog with me for the journey 🐶.seeing my pyhcologist every 3weeks and it's helping.its hormones as well dam menapause is sending me odd😳Happy days thanks for you constant support and good advice hope u are ok xx

  • You’re so welcome. I may be across the sea, but I’m here for you.

    Happy to hear you have a dog too. Sometimes my little pup is the only thing that’ll break through the anxiety and depression.

    Also, do you have a good GYN/ endocrinologist that specializes in menopause treatment? Just a thought. Maybe they’d be a little more knowledgeable of the emotional side. Or your psychologist, maybe they know a doctor that understands the emotional side of menopause better, who can maybe prescribe an medication that will be effective for anxiety related to hormone changes from menopause?

    The menopause is just one part of puzzle though, the stroke of course is the other. The anxiety that you describe is very similar to mine from my stroke, but I can appreciate that you know that the hormones are also playing a big role. Just think you deserve as much relief as possible because I see that you’re really pushing yourself. Just try to balance all that exertion and stress with self care. Make sure you do something that brings you comfort/anxiety relief f you had to push yourself to do something earlier. If you don’t, it’ll be a game of one step forward and two steps back. Better to take small steps and lots of rest to keep going forward. Doesn’t matter how slow— go at your pace, no one else’s. Take care and feel free to message me.

  • I feel lucky to have found you 🤗 Seeing a specialist about menapause but they are a bit stuck with all my problems.hope you are doing ok thinking of u big hugs and give that 🐶Pup a treat from me xxxx

  • Likewise! So refreshing to speak with someone who actually went through a stroke. I went to a support group but most people were men or at least thirty years my senior, which made big difference in types of problems we’d discuss. So it’s nice to chat with you because feel like you’ll understand if I talk about marital stress with issues of dependency or isolation with the anxiety caused by stroke, for example. I never had that before. Thank you for listening to me and offering me support too. Your warm replies make me feel less alone, less sad. Thank you so much for that.

    I guess the marital stress is exactly what I’m struggling with the most. I can’t do a lot and my husband is very social and physically active. He’s a good man, but still human and I know he resents that I now put a lot more limits on what I’m willing to do/put myself through. I’ve become very isolated and I wish I could physically do more but I don’t want to destroy myself like I used to. I used to push myself too much, which would equal weeks to months of recovery for a simple dinner out. If need to take more pain medication, then have to deal with those side effects... for one dinner? So yeah, I put more limits on myself and think he sees that as me not pushing myself enough rather than seeing that I’m trying to take better care of myself.

    Then there’s the broken sleep with weird stomach issues that that my neurologist is making me get another EEG test for (to check for seizures). He thinks I could be having them in my sleep now (not as they usually presented). I’m super anxious about it. If I am having seizures again then that would mean another medication change, which just messes up my other medical problems (from pain to anxiety and even my vision and mobility). Like right now for example, I’ve been up since 4:30am 😞 Sleep being so messed up is already making my pain and headaches worse (not to mention it’s very bad for epilepsy) but they don’t want to give me anything for sleep.

    Again, my dog keeps me sane. I’ll definitely give him a treat from you, he deserves it! Give your pup a treat from me too! Take care xoxo

  • What a fantastic post so much in it!! I've not as ill as you have been you are inspirational 🌈🙏🌈 coping with such a lot.i can relate to you as my husband is very fit and he and my son go to badminton 🏸 cycling 🚵 and have lots of hobbies.i feel I drain them as sad and negative.i rest a lot as I over do it ! Keep strong little lady you are doing great 👍 xxxxx

  • Oh, BB! I just wanted to reach out to you - had a rotten night too with morning retching again from anxiety so I can relate!

    Just try to hold on to the day you had the other day when you went for coffee at Costa - remember? You did so well and beat the anxiety beast that day - it didn't win! The more you face it, the smaller and more pathetic the anxiety bully becomes. I know it's really tough - but you just hang on to that. Will you please pop in later to let us know how your day and evening went? I'll be thinking of you! xxxx

  • Thanks u are a ⭐️I'm experiencing new physical symptoms and I'm scared 😳.but it will pass xxx

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