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Sleep Apnea and Mental illness

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last week. Losing any extra weight won't improve my situation since it is the way my tongue falls back and blocks the airway while I sleep.

I was wondering if anyone in this group has seen an improvement with their mental illness ( depression /anxiety) after starting CPAP treatment.

Thanks !

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It helps... takes a bit to get used to the machine but will sleep better.. and that has to help ...eith everything

Yes, the machine !!!! It is a pain in the butt lol

I slept one hour yesterday with it. I have been using it during the day to get used to it.

GET *** MANDIBULAR POSITIONING DEVICE, (mouth guard that pulls jaw forward) ***

Saw your post. Don't know if you live in USA or not, but I could not use the CPAP machine due to anxiety. I heard of a dentist that takes a 3d scan of your teeth and will make a *** Mandibular Positioning mouth device (mouth guard)*** (not cheapy scam ones sold online) professionally and now I use that. The mouth guard moves the lower jaw forward so the tongue cannot fall back. I love it. Dreaming again which is a sign that one is getting into the deep sleep/REM stage. Waking up refreshed. Additionally, your medical insurance will usually pay the full $2000 cost if you sign a form the dentist sends in stating that: 1) you had a sleep study test and have sleep apnea, 2) you are anxious using the CPAP machine, 3) you have tried the CPAP machine (little drive in the CPAP you turn into the company) to prove you actually tried it and struggled with it for several weeks. Sleep Apnea is a medical condition, and insurance realizes that if you get quality sleep you will be healthier, so be assertive on getting them to pay for it... Not using it probably would shaved off 10 years of my life because I wasn't using my CPAP. I thank God that a friend who had night grinding of her teeth told me of this dentist. Here is his name, but you can ask your dentist about these devices. [Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS USA phone: 1-916-469-9178] Or ask your dentist, if he does not do this, of a dentist nearby that does the mouth 3D scan that leads to a mouth guard.

There are cheaper "moldable" guards online but honestly sometimes if you can afford the quality it will improve the quality of your life. Good luck, and get on it! :)

From Mayo Clinic site: 'Another fix: a device to hold the lower jaw forward and prevent the tongue from falling back. But, Dr. Somers warns, it “has to be fitted by someone who truly knows what they are doing, so it doesn’t mess up your teeth and your bite.”

Good luck. Let me know if you get one!

I do live live in the USA .

I have a few questions : can you still open your mouth with the mouth guard ?

My sleep doctor make me feel the mouth guard was not a good thing because if I didn’t like it I would be stuck with it until my insurance pays again .

I looked at my pics online and they look scary lol

I am glad you like yours. I have an appointment next month with my sleep doctor and I will ask more questions.

Thanks for your post !

Hi foxglove sorry for a late reply. Yes the mouth guard allows you to open your mouth to a certain degree. For a month, my mouth did feel a bit sore in the mornings, but my mouth got used to it and now I have zero problems with it. It is small and plastic and does not look frightening at all; not sure what you saw online. Imagine a tight mold of your upper teeth and a separate mold of you lower teeth, then two plastic mini arms attach on the sides to move the lower mold forward and keeps it there overnight. It is not metal mine. The only drawback is dry mouth, but I run a cool mist humidifier if it gets to me. Also I make sure it is wet when I put it in my mouth, then swish water around to get everything wet for the I found a site with more pros/cons of the devices. My dentist does not do them so i had to find someone that did...maybe your dentist is poo-pooing it cause he can't do it, or whatever....but again, insurance will pay for it in most cases. Good luck. I loveeeeeee it. Plus I don't have to lug a CPAP when I travel. I probably took 6-7 years off my life by messing around with all kind of gimmicks for apnea, and was successful on a wedge pillow for some time (can google that), but eventually it was not enough. I thank God I have this device now. Good luck. :)

Ive had issues with sleep apnea my case was mild lost weight because i just couldnt sleep with cpap mask but no improvement still wake up as if i didnt sleep when i get 8 hours or so of sleep im talking to my doc to try and fix things and give the mask another try also im guessing it makes anxiety and depression worse from lack of refreshing sleep but im sure it will improve if you try to adjust and get used to cpap mask

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Timmypliskin in reply to JA3344

Just a bit of information, most forms of sleep apnea have nothing to do with your weight... very common misconception.

Just like blood pressure, heart disease, and many other issues...

Just as many people, of " normal weight" have theses issues.

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foxglove_pnw in reply to JA3344

I never feel refreshed after sleeping no matter how many hours I sleep .

Give the mask another try , I had couple nights this week where I was able to sleep with the mask all night and I felt sooooo much better . I have a cold now so I am having a hard time staying with the mask all night.

Hi! How severe is your sleep apena?

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foxglove_pnw in reply to borahae

Moderate !! I have been using the CPAp and I have seen a HUGE difference in my anxiety !!

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