Suffering mental illness

Hi I'm 24 old. After research my symptoms I know I have anxiety with my health. I know many people have health anxiety. But my condition is different. If my teeth hitting together I recheck it with intentionally hitting my teeth many time then I am worry I have done something wrong. I think I damage my teeth and jaw. I blame myself why I did this. Everything start 4months ago. Till now I am crying everyday. Rechecking my body then worry again and cry. Please help me.


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6 Replies

  • You're not alone, I do that too. I check and check again. It consumes you and you're life, until you cannot function anymore. It's okay, you're not alone. You have health anxiety. As much as you might fear going to the doctors you need to make an appointment and tell them about your issues and hopefully getting some help with them. I hope you find some help!x

  • Thank you for reply. Can someone check themself like me. Like hitting their teeth, to knowing that hitting teeth together can broke them? That think kill me.

  • It can't kill you but a lot of people check themselves like you don't worry

  • Try and stop the checking, stop googling symptoms, stop writing about symptoms. All of these things will reinforce your behaviour

  • You are right. I also know that. But can't stop myself :(

  • Then distract yourself. Trust in your god to look after you and ignore all symptoms

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