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Fuzzy head really don’t feel myself


Hi I’m just wondering if anyone has ever suffered these symptoms, it constantly feels like I have pressure across my forehead and my eyes, sometimes the whole of my face feels like it’s being pressed in, but the most worrying symptom is I constantly feel like I have a fuzzy brain like I really don’t feel myself and not thinking clearly to the point I’m really worried, I’ve had continuous blood tests and a ct scan that come back clear. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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When i first started having anxiety i remember the pressure i felt inside my head was almost unbearable. My mind raced constantly. So i know exactly how you feel. The more you focus on it the more anxious you become. This too shall pass. I promise.

I think the head symptoms that come with anxiety are just horrific..I have constant unbalanced,lightheaded,faint feeling that never goes away.its awful and am housebound.

I also have the pressure feeling on and off.

The foggy head feeling is horrible and really hard to explain.but that’s anxiety for you,it’s cruel and takes so much from you😭

JAYnLA in reply to Minnie87

Hi Minnie. I hate to hear that you are housebound. Is it impossible for you to take short walks? That's what I've been doing with my disequilibrium. I never fall over even though it feels like I'm going to. I think the repetition of it has helped me a lot. I hate this symptom!

jeanesdream in reply to Minnie87

It sure does. I hate the dizziness. The constant ear ringing is driving me bonkers.

Thank you for your replies! As horrible as it sounds it makes me feel a little more at ease that it isn’t just me going through this, it honestly comes to the point where I don’t feel like myself anymore and it’s like I’m losing my mind when I get this pressure all around my head makes me feel totally out of it!🤯

It'll pass. It did for me, and it will for you.

Yes me too I also get chest compression and feel sickly - I wake up like this most days so not a great start 😓

Yeah ive had that feeking many a times over. Trust me just try to ignore it whenever it happens. Just do a set of deep breathing and it get more and more manageable as time progresses


Yes my dr said it’s anxiety and sinuses

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