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Foggy/fuzzy head feeling


The last few months I’ve been having an awful disoriented foggy/fuzzy headed feeling. Any movement of my head and I feel drunk and dazed. It’s soooooo bizarre. I feel a little detached, like when I’m talking or someone my head feels off, delayed. I feel this way 24/7 lately and it’s scary.

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Yes I get this . Some days are really bad .

lofeoutthere in reply to Jodz

Does anything help? What does it exactly feel like? Do u take anything?

Jodz in reply to lofeoutthere

I can be very vague, concentration is terrible , brain fog , like I’m not there. If real bad I will take a Kalma


Your not alone.

lofeoutthere in reply to Hidden

Is this honestly anxiety? Anxiety can do this to a persons brain

I felt that way for over 2 years due to peri menopause. It was the most bizarre thing to feel the metabolism going on in my head (it would get stronger after I ate or went to the bathroom and got better when I laid down. There was nothing I could do to stop it and I liken it to feeling drunk all the time. It eventually went away and not sure when because I tried to ignore it so I could live my life. Doctors had no idea what it was but I am super sensitive to changes in my body.

car103 in reply to chamonix0522

I am also perimenopausal with a bunch of symptoms. It's interesting that my doctor is very focused on Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and doesn't look at my age and life stage as a factor as well. I would love to use a functional medicine or integrative physician to look at the whole of me. Those doctors are never on my plan and cost prohibitive. Thank you for a new perspective and a reminder that time also heals.

chamonix0522 in reply to car103

Yes it took time and I tried everything to make my head sensations go away. Once in a while my head feels full but I do not have the severe movements and throbbing (no pain). I liken it to a fish swimming around in my head 24/7 when it was going on. I have a low thyroid and maybe it has settled down with meds. I also take the smallest dose of effexor (anxiety med) but that did not take my head sensations away. I do not believe mine were from anxiety but some hormonal issues or my vagus nerve.

I’m 37, seen a functional md no hormone issues they all blame it on anxiety! I hope it goes away this is awful

I think doctors want to attribute it to anxiety because they have no idea what kind of doctor to refer people with unusual symptoms to. I think some people are very sensitive to changes in their body and it doesn't necessarily mean its anxiety. I hope there is a doctor who can figure these bizarre symptoms out someday. I think my vagus nerve is behind my problems. But it is frustrating and scary when some people never have any of these issues.

I had it this morning an it freaked me out! I had a cold shower , ate good an rested

That spacey, slight dizziness, fogginess, similar to an inner ear problem is my primary symptom with MS. I have had it for at least 45 years! Diagnosed 4 years ago, at age 72. It keeps me from driving much of the time. I take meclizine, and sometimes it helps, sometimes not. I need one now, as I would like to go to my Bible study group meeting today. Only a doctor who understands the inner ear type issues would know what you are talking about. Ask for a meclizine Rx, as it is cheap. OTC you can buy it as dramamine to give it a try, but that is usually more expensive than the Rx. It is not anxiety, unless your worrying about it becomes anxiety. When it becomes really bad, and stays for a long time, like 2 weeks or more, then I will call my Neuro and go on another dreaded run of prednisone! It will then leave, for a while, after I recover from the prednisone!

I went to the Mayo Clinic for testing on my ears, they said it was fine. I’ve also thought MS but no scan/test and 2 neurons have said not MS. So who knows but ok tired of feeling this way

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