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I suffer from severe generalised anxiety and health anxiety. I also have been diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia and mild depression. for the last month I’ve been experiencing extreme bouts of depersonalisation and derealization I feel like nothings real I don’t recognise surroundings even though I know what they are and even my own family or friends when I look at them seem like strangers but I know who they are it’s like they’re not real and it’s really scary I’m afraid I’m going crazy or dying does anyone experience this.

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It's like PTSD


You are not going crazy. This is common, and all part of an expected pattern. From which you can absolutely recovery. Listen/read all of Claire Weekes' work. I'll offer up this amazing audio first:

Don't be thrown by the title- "Spiritual enlightenment". I don't think she mentions God or spirituality even once. It's about panic/anxiety/depression and the common symptom of DP/DR (which she calls "feelings of unreality")

Other things by her are on my profile along with other resources that I think will help you:)

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Thank you for sharing, her voice is very soothing and the content itself is very helpful




Hi I don't come on here very often, but at the moment I am going through the same symtoms, I have had a really bad cold and cough, the weather and everything this time of year don't help. Unfortunately I have had to take the week of work so is giving me more time to think about it. I know ok will get though it. Later I will go awake to the shop, won't be a good feeling, but is part of me getting back into what I call the REAL WORLD I am sure you will get there, ps KEEP CALM and carry on 😉


I was talking w a lady yesterday and she said she is finally free from disabling anxiety and trauma with delusion. she said it was praying w her pastor that worked. I am glad for her. I agree w that but also needed to balance myself nutritionally. So I started taking magnesium to calm my mind down and ginseng to get rid of those sticky negative thoughts. I also am getting up there so I started taking progesterone oil which helped too. I prefer the more natural ways first then go to Dr if need be.


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