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Hello I’m new


Hi, no real question just introducing myself. So Iv lived with anxiety for over 10yrs had cbt therapy more than once but nvr seems to help. Had my LG 2yrs ago n since then life has been a roller coaster. I often wish I had friends I could talk to, as since 5 yrs ago slowly drifted away due to me refusing most social situations due to anxiety. I would just love to break the cycle of anxiety n live ‘normal’ whatever that is . Does it ever get better?

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It does, I was terrible in 2013/2014. I’m not 100% and have a bath anxiety fear currently but I’m much better than I was.

Sometimes it feels like I’m talking to a little angel and a little satan on my shoulders about going out with friends. I juste want to stay in my apartment and watch netflix. But at the end of the night, I sometime feel sad about all the fun that I could be having. So the next time I get asked to hang out with friends I actually say yes, and it really turns out to be fun! It’s just hard to convince yourself to go. Most nights I just want to stay in and do nothing but when my friends ask me to hang and it’s been a couple days, I finally convince myself that I have to go. And then I feel better.

I totally understand this. Sometimes , I can be ok and totally fine go out etc but then there’s other times anxiety totally takes over where my mind goes into overdrive. I usually find myself overthinking everything concentrating on the negative affects of anxiety than the actual event. This will give me that feeling those only suffering will understand. I often can’t ohysically get my body out of my bedroom nvr mind out of the door. It’s these moments I’d love to stop. It does affect my partner and children which in return the guilt makes it 1000 times worse as it’s not just myself it’s affecting.

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I hear you girl.. it’s horrible have you tried meds

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I have been prescribed 2 different types in the past - propanonal & cytropram ? Not sure on spellings sorry 🙂.. since been pregnant in 2016 I haven’t seen anyone for my anxiety. Thou I have to admit im not very good at taking medications I just have a thing about pills and hate taking even paracetamol 😕 Xx

Yes, it can be better! I am sorry you are in the struggle now and I can relate.

For me, there were a few points of victory.

I began my blog years ago, writing4joy, searching for joy despite the pain, that process helped me grow and recognize areas stealing my joy and causing anxiety and depression.

Writing can be a great outlet and sometimes through the writing we find our answers.

My newest victories for me were:

Diet, for some reason gluten, puts me straight up restless legs, crawling out of my skin anxious. I didn't know this until the doctor had me go gluten and dairy free and I noticed an improvement in anxiety, then I cheated and saw a link. Gluten-free for me.

Also, breathing exercises and tapping on a continual basis.

Lastly, action, pushing past the fear, doing it in fear and anxiety regardless, brought some freedom.

Yet, a bit remained until my complete freedom came through my walk with the Lord, digging deeper and going farther.

Next, I am working on the exercise. I am horrid at that but heard it makes a difference as well.

Some find medication a great resource. I have not personally but don't leave seeing a good doctor out of your plan.

I pray that you find a peace that you have never known and it will become your new every day!!

I find these resources helpful. bit.ly/2FvdfG2


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