How can I stop these panics

Why do I always seem to panic when I am at work It only seems to be when I'm stressed.How can I stop it...... I don't have a melt down or anything I just seem to rush and try to finish what I am doing so I can  move on to the next tasks then I make mistakes (well I think I'm making mistakes)   . I feel  now that people may think that I cant cope  I am starting to feel inadequate, especially around younger work colleques, It sounds crazy, I know.. I just feel like I am a child I don't seem to have confidence around them and I have children the same age .Any advice would be good.

Many thanks


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  • Well I think it's normal cause I stress and panic at work. I also feel like a child. I wish I had the answer on how not to stress! I don't want to be so stressed but I think the world has gotten out of hand which makes it complicated and hard not to be stressed. I do pray and hope it gets better for you! I'm resting in my car on lunch I am soooooo tired 😴. BIG HUGS💛

  • Hi there, I agree work stress is alot to deal with especially these days as you say. When I was working, I used to escape to my car at lunchtimes too x

  • Thank you.....xx

  • I can say that 90 % of the reason i had a full anxiety crisis was due to stress at work plus other things. I worked on hyper speed multitasking & like a robot. To the point where my vision was impaired & jumping (that was the first symptom i had) i almost ended up in a psychiatric hospital er. my dr told me to take weeks off from work after my crisis which i didnt. But i did set an ultimatum & boundaries & told them what i couldnt handle anymore & they accomodated. Im now working at my pace one thing at a time. And if they dont like it tough. Im not burning myself out like that again. Set ur limits and if they cant bend look for another job. No job is worth ur health. Nothing for that matter.

  • Yes i job is worth stressing over..I'm  trying ..xxxx

  • Stop and take some deep breaths. Breath in hold it and breath out, then maybe make a hot drink. 

  • Thank you.Im on lunch break I will take some deep breaths.xx

  • Did it help

  • Hey there.  I am a court reporter and  I work in court.  Very difficult when I am very anxious because there is nowhere to go.  About 20 years ago when I first started in court, I would get very anxious and literally had to leave the courtroom for long periods of time which meant everybody was waiting on me.   One time I was working night court and I wouldn't come out of my office to go back into court and they had to call down another reporter that was home so they could finish up the cases.   I was roughly 25 years old then.   I was honest with people and told them I was suffering from panic attacks after people starting asking me if I was okay and they were very understanding.  Now I may have gotten lucky.   A lot of people may not be so understanding.   I don't know why I wrote that story but I just started thinking about it.   Well, I'm at the same job today and I love it.   I absolutely love my job.   So I'm very happy I didn't give up on it.  

    Back to you.  My BAD!   I really hope you feel better.   Take your time and stay focused on the task at hand, if possible.  Just do one thing at a time.  I know these days everybody has to multitask there's so much to do.   Try to stay in the present and if you're getting stressed out and you need a break, try to take one.   Feel Good!

  • Hi,,,,i think my problem is that I'm confident and but always second guessing myself. And I have a new person who is training too I bet I make myself look like a right idiot,


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