How can I be BRAVE ?

Due to my anxiety , Panic disorder how do I over come my fear ?? As some of you know lately it's been when I'm suppose to go horse riding . I have had horses all my life , no fear . But lately when I know I'm going riding I over think it , I have cancelled many a times . And I'm always thinking the worst is going to happen . I just ❤️ my horses 🐴 and riding them . BUT how to stop the fear . Please any suggestions .


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6 Replies

  • Hello jodz x I'm sure you can do it x you want to do this so much for yourself x yes I have panic attacks for a long time now x and now got anxiety attavks x there's thing's I want to do and think about what I want to do x you have to talk to yourself and tell yourself that this anxiety is not and will not rule your life x you have to much you need to do x x you have the control over your body x it's nit easy jodz x I'm habing a but I'd a panuc at the moment x ice jyst recieved a bowel test come through the post x I through the first one away x but now they have sent me a mother one x although I'm frightened of the results x I've pushed myself to do this now x so I've done tge test and sent it back x so now I'm panicking about results x so now I'm trying to calm myself down x it's good to talk to each other on this site x does help each other x don't give into it jodz x let me know how you get on x take care darling x

  • Susannaylor thanx heaps x I know I can do it but it just def takes over my mind and wins x I will try and get through this. I totally understand waiting for results. I'm the same get a blood test done and can't wait to ring for results then pray the dr doesn't want to see me . It's just horrible . Wishing you all the best with your results you will be fine xx THANKYOU for the chats x

  • The hard lesson is that we have to face our fears & go out & do what is worrying us; we should rule our minds, not let our minds rule us. I know how hard this is (I have social anxiety & find it hard to do things with other people). Can you go out & do your riding with a friend with you for support? Or distract your negative thoughts & focus on how much you love horses & being around them? Good Luck Jodz.

  • Jencan thanx . Yes I love my horses and riding but this devil inside my head is a night mare , but I have to really try my hardest and push through . I do have friends that go riding with me and are great support . But lately I have really struggled and have said no and make up an excuse which I hate doing , but they know me lol . THANKYOU for your support xx

  • Thanks for the thanks, jodz! We'll be going through the same thing, in that this morning a friend has said that she's getting me a ticket for a local music event & I have to go with her. Oh NO!!! I've not managed to get myself to anything where I feel hemmed in for ages. I'll have to try & do all the stuff I wrote to you yesterday. In this (mess) together then, jodz! x

  • Jencan oh no but you can do it !! Remember what you told me and I know it's bloody hard , but you go girl xx I sqwibed out again today , gez I need to build a bridge and get over it and drink a cup of cement lol . But if you do go and I hope you do, please let me know how you did it please .Wishing you all the best and have a blast x Can't wait for your result x

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