NEW HERE!! Dizziness and off balance feeling. Anxiety and panic attacks for about a year. Worried the dizziness might be something bad!

Hi I am 29 years old and I have been suffering from anxiety for the past year and a half, all started with a panic attack and now I am having palpitations IBS and heavy dizziness.

I am worried the dizziness might come from the brain, I had a clear MRI in July and neuro told me she doesn't think i need a new one.

I saw ENT and he said he doesn't see anything wrong with me but I feel like I could fall on the floor any time and I feel off balance.

I feel like dying please help. :(


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34 Replies

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  • Wow that's so me I'm the same a can't stand still if I'm talking a feel like I'm guna fall a bet very fidgety. Also weak xxx

  • Yes..and my neck is extremely tight..i am driving myself crazy and trying to figure out where the dizziness is coming from.

  • It's unbelievable I understand somedays I can't get up tbh 🤔

  • have you ever tried any medications? I am too scared to try

  • Wow gosh your so like me no I haven't I think I'm guna die

  • No I don't think you are going to die, but I think we are living in a really poor way. I get anxious at every little things that happens in my body and I run to the doctor.

  • Well least you have the guts to I'm scared to 😤

  • Going to the doctor and hearing that I am fine is the only thing that can makes me feel better but It only feeds in my anxiety. it's a bad cycle.

  • Exactly it's a strange world you wouldn't think anxiety could do this

  • Hi sorry to hear about that. I think I know first hand how you feel. My anxiety also started with a panic attack it was the most horrible scary thing I ever experienced in my life so far. After that a switch has been on and I can't get it off. I will list how I feel on almost a daily basis.

    •Dizzy foggy just not my self. I feel ill but not like when you get sick with a common cold it's hard to explain.

    •chest pains tight chest, my pain normally is always on the left side, I feel the sharp pains sometimes through my left breast & under neath where the rib cage starts.

    •shortness of breath happens at random times but happens almost everyday.

    •fatigue, I could go to bed at 8pm but still wake up feeling like every ounce of energy has been sucked away from me.

    •zaps sometimes I get random zaps in random places head legs arms.

    •back and shoulder pain feels more like a dull ache at times and also can be really intense.

    That's just a few symptoms for the past two days I have been feeling somewhat ok I almost feel like a normal person again. But I know it will all be back again sadly. When it's all happening I feel like I'm going to die I think who wants to live the rest of their life like this it's absolutely horrible. I was prescribed medication but never took it.

  • I feel exactly the same...i know is anxiety but I can't just accept it, I was prescribed Lexapro once and I never took it but now I feel like the time has come and this scares me to death.

    I feel like I don't want to give up but I also feel like I can't take this life anymore, I feel so dizzy that even going from my desk to the bathroom is a challenge.

  • Your problem, anneavo, is that to use your own words you can't accept it even though you know it's anxiety. But it's only by cultivating a mindset where you learn to accept it temporariky for the moment and stop frightening yourself half to death that you stop creating more and more anxiety which prolobgs the dizziness. So you must accept it and you can accept it because everybody can if they practice acceptance and then before you know it you couldn't care less whether you feel dizzy or not because you know it's not for real and can't harm you, and when you can cultivate that mindset you're well on your way along the yellow brick road to recovery. Believe me.

  • I can vouch for every word Jeff is saying. Recovery is entirely possible. Everyone has it within them to recover by practising acceptance. While recovery is possible with blind acceptance, it is easier if you truly understand how anxiety manifests itself and that the symptoms of anxiety, although scary, are completely harmless and a natural bodily reaction, under the circumstances. They carry a false importance because all your emotions are grossly exaggerated by your nerves which have become sensitised through continuous worry and stress about the way you think and feel. Acceptance takes away the fear which fuels your anxiety and allows your mind and body the time and space it needs to recover just as nature intends. In recovery, your emotions return to normal levels. At the moment, you are stopping this natural process from happening by trying to figure it all out. There is nothing to figure out. It is just anxiety making you think something is wrong so you spend all your time and energy trying to sort out a problem that does not exist. I had health anxiety, relationship anxiety, intrusive thoughts, obsessive thoughts, the whole shooting match! The only reason it stuck around was because I believed those thoughts and fought them. I paid them too much respect. They are just an offshoot of being anxious and will not be there when you recover. Once you see that it is all a bluff and accept it all, recovery is inevitable but it does take time for the mind and body to heal so don't expect miracles overnight.

  • I totally agree with hat you are saying and I've talked about this in therapy too.. I found myself not trusting my feelings anymore now and not being able to tell when I feel unwell because of anxiety or because I just feel unwell. I am afraid at some point of my life I will really have a medical emergency and me or my husband will brush it off ass anxiety. Thats the movie I have in my head... not knowing and not trusting what I feel because so many times I felt like dying and it was nothing. I know it's an argument with no solutions but me accepting anxiety I just find it really hard like you said..

  • The movie in your head is written, produced and directed by anxiety and billed as a non-fictional horror story. By all means watch the movie but don't try to re-write the script, shout at the screen or get involved in any way. Just watch and observe from the back of the movie theatre. train yourself not to react to any of it and don't give it any respect. Over time, the movie will play its way out of your head because you will begin to recognise that the story isn't based on fact, is completely fictional, complete nonsense and will lose interest in it. Other, much nicer movies will fill the void left by the horror movie. Whatever you do, don't walk out but instead, just sit back, relax to the best of your ability, watch the story unfold and munch your way through a bag of popcorn!

  • But how do you walk around feeling dizzy and just ignore it? I tried cbt and my therapist told me that I have to accept the uncertainty of my feelings and deal with it without calling my doctor. I don't know how to stop the fear.. my dad was diagnosed way too late with accept noxious rare disease and passed away when I was 18. I know deep down that's why I am so obsessed in finding a reason for this dizziness. I know I have lo learn to accept it but like I said in a another reply I am scared to let go because I fear that one time I will let go of my symptoms and it will turn out to be something serious instead. ( sorry for any errors English is not my native language )

  • Sorry to learn about your Dad which must have been terrible for you and please do not apologise for your English. Its better than mine!

    You don't ignore the symptoms of anxiety. You can't ignore a thought or feeling that comes with such force and very upsetting. To recover, learn to acknowledge the presence of the symptoms and don't do anything about them. This sounds hard but with practice, you will succeed. The easiest way I can explain it is to allow yourself to be ok about not feeling ok. If you feel dizzy, so what? Let yourself feel dizzy.

    If you had flu or a virus, you would feel very unwell but would accept it for what it is and not worry too much about it or put lots of pressure on yourself to get better immediately. You would rest up and carry on with your daily routine as best you can while Mother Nature takes care of the healing process. Gradually, you start to feel better without having to do very much. Anxiety should be treated in exactly the same way. It does take a leap of faith to let go but I can tell you that it works. Anxiety is just one great big trick and relies solely on you being afraid of it. Once you start to see through the lies, acceptance gets easier.

  • Did you ever have a check for inner ear problems that can cause dizziness. I find that it often helps to hold your nose and blow so that your ears pop if they are blocked up and that can ease the dizzy feeling. Its worth a try. It has worked for me.

  • I know how you feel..PLEASE TAKE THE helps.

  • I have an appointment in February to get an endoscopy I think not sure but I think acid reflux is causing a few of these issues. I'd rather not have any of it it's really depressing when it's bad it's bad for me you feel hopeless and have no happiness and that's not who I was before any of this. 😟

  • Same..I wish I could just go back in time and be the person I was before.

    I feel bad for myself for who I became and It's not healthy for me to think like this..I wish I could have the strength to wake up tomorrow and be dizziness free and just get my life back.

  • WOW the same thing here, my unsteadiness kicks in around 10am every day and lasts all day, still have no idea why really

  • But despite the dizziness and unsteadiness none if you do actually fall over do you and neither do I because it's not organic it's another symptom caused by anxiety. And the more you think about it and keep testing yourself the worse it seems. So just remember 'its all in the mind' and you're not actually going to fall over and keep walking in defiance of it's attempts to intimidate you into becoming less mobile. And as you walk along just let your muscles and your mind relax and go limp and just keep walking, and maybe do the breathing in and out very, very slowly thing that is a natural way to relax.

    Being an older guy I began using a stick for long distance walks to steady myself and you become dependent on the stick and convince yourself you couldn't do without. So I started leaving the stick behind and of course I walk along just as well without it.

    Light headedness and slight dizziness are different to vertigo which is caused by problems in your ears like bits of debris fall on the hairs in the inner ear to do with balance but that rights itself after a couple of months. I've had that as well years wgo but that's not anxiety like everyone is discussing here.

  • I do feel like a sort of vertigo, that's what I told my doctor.. i had anxiety dizziness before and this doesn't feel like it.. i just feel like i don't have balance and it won't go away. But...when you tell a doctor that you have anxiety he doesn't believe you anymore...and that makes me sad. I feel like I am now labeled and anything I have will always be "just anxiety" I do try not to let my mind control myself and some days I am able to do it but then something happens..

  • Hi Jeff

    Yes your spot on, I never fall over, it just 'feels' like it. I have to crinch my toes and/or lock my legs to help keep my balance, if it was vertigo etc I would experience spinning sensation and do not as well as when i'm sitting or lying down I feel 'normal'.

    This crinching makes my legs extremely tired, sore in the later afternoon and evenings and have to sit/lie down for rest. Some days are worse than other but most of the time it kicks in around 10am for some reason.

  • Anneavo nothing's worth during over. Call someone tell them how you feel. Tell a mental health Leo. There must be a medicine that will help. I feel dizzy, faint, I've I will collapse any minute. Severe headaches chest pain etc. Do you have family or someone to help you get the medical attention you need to calm the symptoms.

  • I do..I also go to therapy, i try to do yoga and acupuncture, i've been in therapy for a year and it helps but I am really afraid of sudden death..and I am afraid to take medications. some days I say dam it and I go my way even if i'm dizzy but some days i let the fear get to me and I feel hopeless.

  • I hope yout will find what works for you. having g any illness is terrible and it does suck. I use to be able to do things and say fuck it and did things but now it's to much for me. I know I have something along side the anxiety that is keeping me of extra symptoms but so far no good with getting someone to Bruce me or understand. Maybe I have a few. I go to meetings for trouble I got into and my counselor there has anxiety and use to suffer with substances so I do have that. I have Dr. Who are trying I think k but it's a very powerful disease to have symptoms that feel life threatening but remember you can ask your doctor if they are and fund meds to calm your symptoms.

  • Well of course doctors suggested antidepressants and I know they will take anxiety away but I am afraid of long term meds ... I want kids in the future and only thinking about dealing with pregnancy and antidepressants makes me anxious.. I know it's a stupid way of thinking

  • Anneavo, you say you think your dizziness may not be anxiety but vertigo. Although your doctor may be inclined to think everything you experience is anxiety it's worth visiting the doc again and saying what you said in a orevious post ie. Look doctor, I know I've had dizziness before and itcwas anxiety but this is completely different, it feels completely different, could I see a specialist please (known in the trade as a dizzy doctor☺). Just because I suffer from anxiety doesn't mean I can't have an illness that's organic.

  • Well I have anxiety but also have vertigo attacks but vertigo attacks is were you can't get up at all your that dizzy you couldn't stand let alone get up lol, comes and goes there's a video on YouTube of a doctor in America what's cured vertigo all you do is when you are experiencing it is go on all fours but your head between your knees till the dizziness a

    Has stopped and cured supposedly x

  • I have had dizzy feelings, felt like passing out at times, short term memory loss, hated bright lights and loud noises. Had this for about 6 months and started having panic attacks as well. Found out I had post concussion syndrome from falling off a shed roof. Didn't land on my head but the impact gave me this. It didn't start right away after my fall but like 2 weeks after. Gave me a prescription and started feeling better. It's been over a yr now still have off and on symptoms but feel alot better. I'm not sure if anyone has had a fall or impact of some kind that could b causing your symptoms. A MRI and catscan will not show a concussion as they showed nothing on mine. Anyway hope this helps someone cause I know what you are going through and it sucks

  • Me literally to a t I've had this four years and doctors say I'm fine

  • Can you give a update

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