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Hot flashes, Nightmares Heart Palps. Menapause?

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I have been having issues for a few months now, with heart racing and fluttering. Anxiety. Most recently Terrible nightmares and waking up hot..with heart palps.

I am 53. Had a full hysterectomy when i was 30ish. Anyone else having similar issues?

The nightmares are troubling.

Like horror movies and i spend time each night reading positive mind easing books like 101 greatest Bible verses and The bible..and currently Joyce Meyers Battlefield of the Mind..What is going on???

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Hi did u go through premenopausal at 30ish? Am having the hot flashes and can’t sleep heart racing and terrible PMS and pain and is driving me crazy

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Autumn822 in reply to tamka38

Its tough to deal with. I have awful anxiety..makes me want to go to bed and stay there..but then when i think of my rough nights..i dont even want to go to bed. Take some strength from knowing you are not alone. If i get some answers i will share them with you. Hang in there!!

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Is very awful And thank u

I have experienced the same symptoms night after night. Waking up feeling like a cold rush or adrenaline then heart starts racing, and or the night sweats, or feeling hot flashes. I also try to retrain my mind lately by reading this bible app called Bible Gateway. It's awesome it has certainly helped me to learn the bible more. And I too have read the Joyce Meyers book Battlefield of the mind several times back to back. I'm gonna soon reread it. I have kinda wondered is it my hormones, or am I near perimenopause or what or is it from the vivid dreams which are not so good from time to time?! I'm so bewildered.

Hi , I have an awful lot of palpitations and they drive me mad . I do believe that they are related to my peri menopause. Just waiting on results of blood tests ... you have to stay calm and not be afraid of them xx

You and I (and others here) are wondering the same thing! I am 52 and have had similar attacks. Mine are only in the night. Yours? I wake up feeling kinda weird, I notice my heart racing, I do feel hot because I push the covers off, I feel my heart skipping beats, I panic and think, “what if it gets stuck in an abnormal rhythm? What if it’s v-tach? It’s ok, take deep breaths...” The scary racing heart (usually b/t 140-180beats/min), the shortness of breath, the nausea, and just feeling like I am going to die is AWFUL! I have called the paramedics more than once. Could it be a hot flash followed by panic? But it seems like my heart takes off on its own, even when I feel calm this nightmarish experience still ensues. There’s some evidence it’s not hormones, but just anxiety b/c I do get less attacks since my anxiety has gotten better. When my anxiety was at its peak, I was having these every night. But why are they at night like a lot of hot flashes? Hm, I’m thinking the changing hormones add stress to an already stressed body and complicate things but are not the sole cause. Your thoughts?

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hi, wanted to replie as what you writen couldn’t describe better to what I’m going through aswell, I’ve been to doctors and what was said is suffering from night time panic attacks the hot flush is the adrenaline them boom rapid heart rate mine was going to 140-150 it was so scary it was happening to me every night

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Hello. Mine happen in the daytime as well. Some nights i have none. Other nights it happens over and over.

I will tell you this i have found Foods high in salt make them much worse. My bp ussually runs 130ish/88. Not sure the bp goes up. Buy i had. Chinese over the holidays and oh what a miserable night that was. Also wheat/ grain and a lot of supposed healthy but hard to digest products such as lettuce and corn..cause me problems.

Sugar ..too much and caffiene increase my hot flashes and heart rate almost immediately.

These are triggers for me. For you maybe not. Of course stress and basically anything negative. I have been trying to rewire my brain and adjust my body to better choices. So far it is helping but i still battle on certain days when i am lapse. Water..very important! Try to stay away from tv with all the heart attack commercials and life ins. Commercials and funeral commercials and Pharmaceutical commercials with their lawsuits and side effects. Honestly i believe tv and society has instilled this anxiety and panic in us as it is relentless. REALLY MAKES ME MAD..when i cant sleep and i try to watch a comedy that has 10 commercial breaks about death and or Health problems..It is a conspiracy..this i am sure of.!


usually dreams are associated with a state of sub-consciousness. It appears your mind is not at rest. Have you had a traumatic recent experience?

The symptoms you describe might as well be menopausal. I would suggest you look into some treatments such as Black Cohosh or magnolia. These are natural herbs that have been used for centuries to provide relief during menopause. I can personally vouch to the effectiveness of these herbs.

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