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Heart palps


Ive been on citalipram for nearly a year. Always had heart palps but since being in tablets anxiety has reasonably gone down. This past wee i hae been having bad heart palpitations and dizziness with occasional pain in chest. Sometims ill have 10 palps a day. Sometims ill have 5 in a row and have to cough to stop it. Since my anxiety has gone down this is really scaring me !

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hollieedridge, it's always best to check this out with your doctor. It doesn't

necessarily mean there's something wrong but it does need to be check out

by a professional. xx

Has anything happened recently to cause you any distress? X

No, only thing thats changed is 3 months ago i had a baby. A month after i started exercising properly for first time in ages. And eating heathy. Past 2 weeks i hae stopped all this

Bless you.congratulations on the birth of your baby!

I agree with Agora,best to get it checked out to put your mind at rest.are these symptoms normal for you with your anxiety,prior to the tablets? X

Yes but not normally this bad

And thank you x

That's okay hun.ive had palpitations for 11 years.they are bloody horrible.mine started really bad after the birth of my daughter so I know how you feel x

What have docs said. Ive had mine for 7 years

That it's anxiety.i have mine with other symptoms too.apparently they are very common with anxiety.but still awful to feel x

Yeah i get such bad symptoms ! Iys has taken me 6 years to take tablets !

Same hun.im still too scared to take mine.anxiety sucks.

What other symptoms do you get? X

Dizziness. Light headed. Shaky. Fuzzy feeling in my head. Racing heart. Heart palps. Missed beats. Severe panic attacks

Agora1 in reply to hollieedridge

Hollie, make sure you are well hydrated. When we don't drink

enough water we can become dizzyheaded as well as develop

palps. It's due to not enough blood volume in the body to function

properly. Drinking water can help restore that volume. xx

Still call your doctor during the week.

hollieedridge in reply to Agora1

Thanks x

Agora1 in reply to hollieedridge

It's happened to me before and hydrating made a difference.

Wish you well xx

Minnie87 in reply to Agora1

Water is so important isn't it.i try and drink the rda everyday xx

Agora1 in reply to Minnie87

You know Minnie, I never realized how important it was until

I started working out at the Fitness Center at the hospital.

They just push hydration after exercising. I never find myself

thirsty but once I start feeling spacy, I realize I need to start

hydrating. And the feeling goes away. Our body always tells

us what we need, we just need to be tuned into what it's saying xx

I can go weeks without palps but then they come back with a vengeance , and what your describing is what happens to me , so then I panick more constantly checking my pulse .

Do you have a constant funny feeling in your throat / chest ?

hollieedridge in reply to Jodz

In cheat nd tummy x

Oh the dreaded butterflies in your tummy.ergh I hate those.such a horrible feeling x


Is it around your menstrai? I get palpitations a lot more around then..

hollieedridge in reply to Hidden

No its not x

How are you feeling today hun? X

I feel okay at the moment thanks cx

I get these and told they're benign ectopic beats .They come out of nowhere sometimes and are horrible! Hormones can play a part in them also I found at certain times in my cycle they are much worse x

I’ve had anxiety since my 20s and I’m now 50-all my symptoms were cardiac -I went from doctor to doctor and I still get them to this day when I get nervous -but look -I’m still here ! I have a top cardiologist that I go to and he said everybody gets weird beats -it’s just we are anxious and may be more sensitive and feel them -plus his answer to everything is water as well - it’s true what she said above about increasing your blood volume and not feeling them as much . I limit caffeine as well . They still scare me but I say “ knock it off everybody gets this “. But I do say first check with your doctor -many things can cause it that are not cardiac related and it could be a simple fix .

Thank you

Hi Hollie hope your ok, do you still get the palpitations?

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