Heart palps

Hey all. New phone and I'm not getting notifications. .dunno what I've done. Anyhoo. ... this is weird. I've been awful tired lately due to not sleeping great and waking up at 3-4 every morning. So I've been taking wee nap in afternoon ( or I wouldn't manage rest of day ) however. ..on waking from nap I have severe heart palps. This happens every time I've had a nap. But weirdly it doesn't happen when I sleep n wake up in morning. ....anyone anyone ideas xxxxxxxxx


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  • Hi Laura, sorry to hear how you are feeling, not sure what to advise though.

    How's life with everything else?

  • Not too bad jill. ..hubby getting help and is doing good atm. .How's you xxxx

  • Aww that's good to hear. Glad things are going better there xx

  • All.good. for now lol. How's you xxx

  • I rarely nap in the day (chance would be nice but with my 3 lovely but lively children I rarely even get 5 minutes to grab a drink but on the occasions I have previously this always happens to me also. Apparently it's due to a burst of adrenaline to wake us up. I really don't know why it never happens at night though xx

  • Omg thanks Lawley . I was getting worried. Maybe body and mind know it's not bed time so in a weird frightening way...it rouses us .... no more naps lol x

  • It's very scary when it happens because as well as racing heart and palpitations it makes me feel shaky and disorientated for a while afterwards. I think it's all to do with cortisol levels we are naturally more relaxed at night.

    Best wishes to you

    Louise x

  • Ah this is definitely anxiety hun I've had this many many times worse being a few months ago it also affected me I'm the mornings too and since I've upped my anxiety medication it's gone away I've heard many people suffer like this too with anxiety it's the extra cortisol in the blood so try not to worry hun ☺ xxxx

  • Sounds like anxiety to me. It does different things to everyone. Sorry mate

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